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2020 Issue 28
Message from the Principal – Issue 28

Message from the Principal – Issue 28

Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it, is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Father, You are the Creator of our world and of each one of us. Help us to share the gifts and talents You have given us. May we use what we have for the good of others in our world. Amen.


From My Readings……
In the midst of personal trials and challenges – we can effectively alleviate not just our own suffering but also the suffering of those around us.

Sometimes, it can seem easier to just stay stuck in our emotions around a particular struggle, than to look for the opportunity to grow from it.

We may be stuck in anger or a sense of injustice. Or, we might feel victimised or scared. Or, perhaps you’ve been unable to move past feeling that, you really “didn’t deserve what happened’.

The key to transcending any difficulty actually lies in letting go.

But letting go doesn’t mean settling for what we don’t want in life. Letting go is an emotional and physical process, to help us rise above a difficult situation and create a newer better life for ourselves.

By letting go, we are opening a pathway of acceptance of ‘what is’ instead of staying stuck in ‘what should be’.

Staffing Update                                                                                                                                                                                                     I wish to announce I have appointed Mrs Sarah Williams (currently teaching Year One Blue) as Acting Assistant Principal for 2021. Sarah will be working with Mrs Killalea and myself as the leadership team at St Luke’s. Congratulations Sarah!

You may or may not be aware that in 2021 St Luke’s will be having three classes of 4 Year Old Kindy due to the extensive demand for enrolment places. This is called a ‘Bubble’ class where this cohort will go through their primary schooling as three classes from Kindy to Year 6. St Luke’s will not become a triple stream school into the future. The decision for doing this is to welcome 20 more catholic families into our school because they want their child to attend St Luke’s. The Board and staff are now planning for this and a future classroom build.

Just a friendly reminder, 3 Year Old Kindy places for 2021 and 4 Year Kindy places for 2022 are almost full so please make sure you have completed an enrolment form and returned this to the office if you wish for your child to attend St Luke’s.

I wish to remind parents that you are responsible for your child’s behaviour before their arrival and after their departure from school grounds. As Principal, I do not have the authority to directly control, address or prevent student behaviour outside of school hours and premises. I encourage you to remind your children of the behaviour you expect of them, and to address any concerns you may have about the behaviour of other children, to their parents.

I wish to remind all parents that no children should be playing on the oval or bushgrove before or after school unless they are supervised by an adult.

I can now confirm the students’ last day of the 2020 school year will be Friday, 11 December

The last day of this term will be Thursday, 24 September as Friday is our Catholic Day where staff receive an extra day off in lieu of all their work with regards to Sacramental preparation and Masses throughout the year.

Congratulations to our Telethon Speech and Hearing Outpost students who competed in the Speech Awards last Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, due to Covi-19, staff were unable to attend. Please enjoy reading about all the wonderful success our students and TSH staff enjoyed at these awards in today’s newsletter.

This Friday is St Luke’s ‘Speak Up Awards’ for Years 3-6 is starting at 11am in the hall. Due to Covid-19, we can only invite parents of students who are competing in the finals. We wish all our finalists the very best! Due to this finishing at 1pm, we kindly ask children are not removed from the audience to attend the Father Daughter Camp as this will disrupt the presenter’s speeches. If you could please pick your child/ren up from 1pm, we would really appreciate it.

Father/Daughter Camp                                                                                                                                                                                         Wishing all the fathers and daughters a safe, exciting and enjoyable camp at Nanga Bush, Dwellingup this weekend. Safe travels everyone!

Some dates to lock in for the start of Term Four:

Week 1: Monday, 12 October students and staff return to school for the start of Term Four, Wednesday, 14 October is our St Luke’s Feast Day and Friday, 16 October is our Athletics Carnival. More information will follow shortly.

God Moments
Whilst interviewing a prospective new family to our school, I was facing the family with my desk behind me which had a few files, laptop and lunchbox on it. During the interview the Dad burst out laughing whilst we were talking about joining the St Luke’s community. When I asked him what was up, he just pointed and laughed….his 18-month-old son was eating my lunch!


Andrew Kelly





Assistant Principal News Issue 28

Assistant Principal News Issue 28

The Science of Reading

“What we found was, the instruction that was vital for students with dyslexia is actually beneficial for ALL students”
Steven Capp, Bentleigh West Public School.

Children with dyslexia do not learn to read differently. The Science of Reading informs that the process in the brain is the same for all children. They are, however, the 10-15% of children for whom Structured Literacy (SoR)/ systematic synthetic phonics instruction is absolutely essential.

Below is an attachment of ‘The Ladder of Reading’. It is interesting to note:

  • 5% Learning to Read seems effortless
  • 35% Learning to read is relatively easy with broad instruction
  • 40% – 50% Learning to read proficiently requires code-based explicit, systematic, and sequential instruction
  • 10% – 15% Learning to read requires code-based explicit / systematic / sequential / diagnostic instruction with many repetitiions

As you can see 60 – 65% of children require a structured literacy approach and it is deemed as essential.

At St Luke’s CPS, we are using the:

  1. Heggarty Approach from K-2 classes
  2. Diana Rigg Synthetics Program

And we continue to have discussions around the best way children learn literacy in accordance to current research around the brain development.



2021 Proposed Dates












Parents, please be aware that these dates are PROPOSED dates. They may be subject to change.

Sacramental Dates for 2021 are yet to be finalised.

God Bless

Mrs Maura Killalea
Assistant Principal

School News Issue 28

School News Issue 28

Birthday Greetings

Congratulations to the following students and staff who are celebrating their birthdays during the week.

Carter Echaluse KW, Ari Mestichelli KB, Evie Mestichelli KB, Adam Rollini PW, Mira McCombe Haney PB, Sophia Mansutti PB, Xander Brown PB, Madeline Spiteri 1W, Alex Dale 3W, Lily Dale 3B, Indi Saunders 3B, Aoife Dunne 4W, Amelia Pugliese 4W, Leon Martino 5W, Cayla Hamilton-Brown 6B



Important Dates

Fri 18th September – Speak Up Awards
Wed 23rd September – Pirate Day
Thur 24th September – Last Day of Term
Fri 25th September – Catholic Day – no school
Mon 12th October – Term 4 starts for Staff and Students
Fri 16th October – Athletics Carnival


Power of Speech – Telethon Speech & Hearing

On Saturday the 12th of September, the students from Telethon Speech and Hearing (TSH) participated in the annual Power of Speech, public speaking event. This year, Power of Speech celebrated its 31st year and it was a wonderful celebration.

Each year, the students from years 1-6 enrolled in the TSH Outpost Program are invited to take part in the Power of Speech. This year we would like to send our congratulations to the eight students from St Luke’s Catholic Primary School who delivered their speeches, along with students from other TSH supported schools around Perth.

Evie Harmsworth in Year 1 impressed the audience with her speech ‘Eggcellent Chickens’.

Eleanor Whitby in Year 1 spoke about her brother Max in a speech titled ‘Guess Who?’

Lilla Harmsworth in Year 1 presented an informative speech about ‘The Cutest Pandas Ever’.

Mia Sheppard in Year 2 gave wonderful speech about ‘The Best Movie Ever-Frozen 2’.

Sophie O’Connor in Year 2 informed the audience about rock climbing in her speech titled ‘The Only Way is Up’.

Jackson Blackshaw in Year 4 spoke about his ‘5 Favourite Movies of all Time’.

Charli Armstrong in Year 6 presented a fantastic speech on ‘Service Dogs’

Lydia Smokrovic in Year 6 presented a speech reflecting on her time at TSH, titled ‘My Hearing Journey’.

Our two Year 6 students, Lydia and Charli, presented for the last time. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours and congratulate all of our students who participated this year.

Ellis Kemp and Kiah Hall
TSH Teachers of the Deaf                                                                   


Second Hand Soft Toys/dolls Wanted!

Year 4 are running the 2nd hand toy Stall next term, as a part of the St Luke’s Feast Day market stalls.  Please send in all your unwanted toys/dolls to Year 4.  

Thank you, 
Trish and Bruce


Dress up Day – Wednesday 23rd Sept

“Ahoy me Hearties”, 

Next week, on Wednesday 23rd September, is be ” Talk Like a Pirate Day”. We be needin all hands-on deck. It’ll cost ya a gold coin that goes to Childhood Cancer Support. Come dressed as yer grandest Seadog or Capn. 

I be lookin forward to seeing all the pirate lads and lasses to join me scurvy crew.

Capn Plint



Community News



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