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Assistant Principal News Issue 16

Events for Year 4 students in the next month:
June 5 – Holy Communion Retreat 24/7 Ministry
June 7 – Year 4 Reconciliation held in the Church. Year 4 students and teachers only.
June 15 and 16 – Year 4 Holy Communion Masses

On the weekend of June 15 and 16, our Year 4 students will receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. We ask for the community to pray for them as they complete preparation in these next couple of weeks.
Dates to Remember:
Sacrament of Eucharist Mass
Date: 4B Saturday 15th June 6:00pm
4W Sunday 16th June 9:30am
Reconciliation for students to be held during school time – Friday 7th June 9.30am
Holy Communion Retreat – 5th June ( to be held during school time)

Parents are the first faith educators of their children and most particularly model this through the witness of their lives. Parent involvement in sacramental preparation is crucial in shaping the values and attitudes of each child. Knowledge is not the key factor for parents but faith and a willingness to spend time sharing with their child is an important element.

A reminder also that Kapture Photographers will be available on the Eucharist weekend.

  • If you wish to have family portraits taken before the service, you must pre-book a timeslot, you have received an email with this information.
  • NO LATER THAN Friday 14 June 2019 by midday sharp.
  • Kapture will send you a confirmed booking time. Please be early on the day as latecomers will miss out on their photographs being taken.

The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment 2019

Dear Parents

At the request of the Western Australian Bishops, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 9 students in Catholic schools across Western Australia will take part in The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment (BRLA) from the week commencing Monday 29 July in Term Three. The assessment will be accessible to students only online.
Students enrolled in Year 3, Year 5 and Year 9 who are following a regular classroom program are expected to participate. Students with disability are also entitled to participate in the assessment. Exemptions may apply.
The Nature and Role of the BRLA
The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment is a large-scale, standardised assessment that consists of a series of Religious Education (RE) tests developed and marked by the Office of Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA). The purpose of the BRLA is to measure student learning of the content in the RE curriculum. Formal school and student reports are produced by the Office and will become available to schools in Term Four.
The BRLA provides a ‘point in time’ snapshot of student performance in RE. Students’ knowledge and understanding of the content of the RE curriculum is assessed using a combination of multiple choice, and short and extended response items. Students’ faith is not assessed. The use of the BRLA complements the school-based assessment programs in RE.
Please contact your child’s teacher or myself if you have any enquiries regarding the administration of The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment.

Children at the age of 4 years old are usually in a kindergarten class. Learning occurs through a play-based learning approach. St Luke’s place a strong emphasis on developing social and emotional skills which are essential for success in learning at school and in later life, as well as many of the more traditional skills that will be further developed at school.
Literacy learning is developed from a good basic foundation of talking, explaining , and playing in the very early years. Parents, the idea of reading to your child every night is not a thing of the past. It is real and more important than ever. Ipads or apps will never replace the importance of reading and talking to your child.
Basic Reading tips:


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