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St Luke's

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Assistant Principal News Issue 14

Assistant Principal News

Pastoral Care of Students – KidsMatter

This year, we have worked closely with staff and parents on identifying all the wonderful things we currently do at St Luke’s to promote the well-being of our children. Early last term, Mr Kelly called on some parent volunteers to help form an Action Team as part of the KidsMatter initiative in promoting the healthy, mental well-being of children, staff and families. Our volunteer parents have been working cooperatively with select staff on investigating how the KidsMatter initiative can be used as a framework to enhance positive mental health.

Whilst it is still very early days, the Action Team have familiarised themselves with the KidsMatter resources and are developing a vision statement around what we hope to achieve for our community. As we progress, we will keep you updated of the progress and distribute further information. The Action Team consists of:

Mrs Anita Pugliese, Mrs Louisa Logan, Mrs Alana Metaxas, Mrs Tania Rego, Mr Jason Baker, Mrs Trish Main, Mrs Jo Fieldhouse, Miss Katherine McIntyre and Mrs Ann Peart.

For those interested in more information, is a fantastic resource.


O’Connor Faction Day – Thursday 31st May (O’Connor Blue Faction Shirts)

Parents please note that Thursday 31st May is O’Connor Faction Day celebration! On this day there will be a short assembly before recess time presented by the Student Council (O’Connor Year 6 children) and O’Connor Faction Captains about the history of Sister Mary O’Connor and her contribution to the St Luke’s community. To celebrate, the children in O’Connor are allowed to wear their Blue O’Connor faction shirt and will receive an icy pole and early lunch break on the day.

Sister Mary O’Connor

During 1988, members of the School Board were part of a panel that proposed Sr Mary O’Connor become Foundation Principal. Her name was presented to Archbishop Foley, who then appointed Sr Mary as Principal.  Sister Mary O’Connor together, with the help of dedicated staff, began to build a school with values drawn from the writings of St Luke to create an environment that was vibrant and inclusive where gifts and contributions of students, staff and parents are valued. Sr Mary O’Connor retired at the end of 2000 after a long and successful career.

Jackie Hunt and Jason Baker
Assistant Principals


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