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St Luke's Catholic Primary School


17 Duffy Terrace
Woodvale WA 6026
9306 6600

St Luke's

Catholic Primary School


Assistant Principal News Issue 20


New St Luke’s Telephone Number – 9306 6600

Our transition to our new VoIP phone system is now complete. Our new telephone number is 08 9306 6600. Any calls to our old telephone number are greeted with a recorded voice message informing you of the new number, then will automatically connect you to the school. There will be no disruption to our services for parents. We encourage you to please save this new number into your contact list.


A reminder to parents that all dates for Term 3 and the remainder of the school year can be found on the school website by clicking on the ‘Calendar’ link. The calendar is live and is the most up-to-date version available. The link to access the school calendar is:

PERFORMING ARTS DATE                                                                                                                                                                     

Year 3 and 5 will be participating in the Performing Arts on Thursday 23rd August. More information to follow.

Year 5 : 7th August
Year 3: 14th August

Students in Years 3 and 5 will complete the Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment . This is a curriculum based assessment which reflects and supports the progressive nature of the K-12 Religious Education Units.
It focuses on students’ ability to recall content about the Catholic religion and to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of Religious Education it does not measure students’ faith.
The intended purpose of the assessment is to provide individual schools with a snapshot of student performance in Religious Education. Comparisons between students performance are provided on the student and school reports.
Schools and students have the opportunity to compare students with their class peers and with other students across the state.

Following our recent communion photography by Kapture, you can now view and order any photos taken on the day. When visiting you will need to enter our school code under the Sports & Event tab to access the gallery; Code: B827A4

Just a reminder to all year 4 children, if you would like to become an Altar Server please return the form that was sent home yesterday.

Jackie Hunt and Justin Kirry
Assistant Principals


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