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2019 Issue 08
Message from the Principal – Issue 8

Message from the Principal – Issue 8

As we journey through this season of Lent we might consider the message that Jesus gave and demonstrated to us which was ‘to consider others before Himself ’. The following prayer gives us a focus for doing this.

Jesus, help me to remember to come to you when I am feeling overwhelmed.
You promise to take my heavy burdens, and replace them
with the things that are much easier to carry.
When I am tired and sad, remind me to come to you,
the One who loves me, and let me rest in you.
Matthew 11:25.30

We live in a time when the word “change” is demonstrated or experienced almost daily in one form or another. Some changes are more identifiable than others, such as the effects of global warming on temperatures and rainfall, the effect of drought and the effects of degradation of our forests and farmlands. Change is also easily identifiable when our children are in their infancy: first words are uttered, first steps are taken, solid foods became the norm and so on.

We are fascinated to witness our young children commence their peer socialising at playgroups – perhaps we worry when we observe that they choose to play by themselves and even talk to themselves when they have the availability of others to play with and talk to. However, by the time they are in primary school, they are generally fairly well established in interpersonal communication. All the attention we have given to our children has paid off – all the big changes are over so most of our work as parents is done. Really?!

What we have witnessed is the passing, of our children, from infancy to childhood. However, we now progress to a new set of changes. These changes can be less obvious and so their effects are not so easily measurable. Our children will experience challenges to their self-confidence and esteem, as they become aware of themselves and begin to compare themselves to other children. They become aware of personal limitations and perhaps are threatened by the abilities of other children. This can occur internally in a very private manner, but the way in which it is dealt with, will have a marked effect on how successful an adult your child will become. At St Luke’s, we try every day to affirm the differing abilities and gifts of each child, at the same time acknowledging that they may not be the same as others – we try to encourage tolerance while remembering that we all have different gifts to bring to a community.

There is no stage in the life of an emerging person that is not of great importance and has the need of consistent parental love, care and nurture. The physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health of our children depends on how we, as parents, are present for our children and offer a stable environment in which they can safely discover who they are – and be satisfied with the result. At times, parents need help and support themselves to continue to provide this nurturing. Let’s make sure we all work together to offer this help and support to each other, as we work in collaboration to encourage and enable our children to grow into healthy adolescents.

Lenten Thought
Jesus . . . overturned their tables. He told [them],
Take these things out of here! Stop making my Father’s house a marketplace! (John 2: 15,16)

The 2019 Lenten Calendar has ideas for each of the days of Lent. Families can use this calendar to focus on preparing for Easter.

Thursday: Try to make everything you say today POSITIVE.
Friday: Tell someone special you love them.
Saturday: A family project – clean/tidy the garage or yard.
Sunday: Let someone special in your life know that you really appreciate all that they do.
Monday: Check your Project Compassion Box. Add to it if you can.
Tuesday: Pray today, for people who are lonely.

Farewell Mrs Christine Bauer

It is with sadness I announce Mrs Christine Bauer has decided after 17 years as a teacher at St Luke’s, she is going to retire from teaching. Mrs Bauer is very excited about being a support for her family and grandchildren and feels it is time to leave this profession on a positive note. Her last day with us will be Friday, 12 April.

Despite our disappointment at losing Mrs Bauer, it is important to recall and be thankful for the outstanding contributions she has made to our school through the high quality teaching and learning programs she has brought to the children in her care. As a school community, we will have an opportunity to farewell Mrs Bauer at an assembly before the end of term.

I have appointed Mrs Marian Fenton as Mrs Bauer’s replacement. Marian be working each Friday so Miss Lynch can continue her role as Digital Technology Learning Key teacher for EarlyChildhood.

Market Day
Only 3 more sleeps until our Market Day this Saturday from 10am-2pm! Tell all your family and friends that everyone is invited to our Market Day Extravaganza. Bring a friend and enjoy all the fun.

Parent Interviews will be held in week 10 of this term. Our school will be closing early at 12.00 pm on Tuesday, 9 April to help facilitate these meetings. A letter has been sent home via SEQTA to all families explaining how to book an appointment. 

Paint Me A Rainbow to Bring Colour to Autism Awareness

Autism is a difference, a different way of thinking and that sometimes the message to the brain take a different and perhaps longer way to reach the brain. This year at St Luke’s, we have chosen to highlight the ‘super powers’ of autism and also mention some of the ‘frustrations’.

School mum Kylie Beveridge, who formed Paint Me A Rainbow to bring colour to autism awareness and has a child with autism at Whitfords Catholic Primary wishes to draw parents and teachers attention to the facebook page:
You will get a more of a feel for who the team are.

Paint Me A Rainbow wishes to help St Luke’s School create a Sensory Room for students who have autism and or sensory issues to help with their daily self-regulation or for those who need a safe space. With regards to the sensory room being created, there is so many proven benefits for all children to use these rooms (not just children with an autism diagnosis). The room can be a safe, calming quiet space where a child can go with supervision for a ‘brain break’. Within the room there are different ‘sensory’ tools and toys, including therapy putty, night lighting, a beanbag, desk for drawing/colouring in and lots of fidget toys. Fidget toys are used to allow the child to calm themselves and learn how to self-regulate. There can also be a fish tank, which helps children with routine and responsibility, and also the circle of life.

Another point Kylie would like to mention is that currently there is 1 child in 70 that has an autism diagnosis. So if your own child isn’t that one, the chances are a loved one or friend will one day have an autism diagnosis. The sensory room will be of great benefit to teachers and other students, and will assist with less melt downs within the classroom environment.

The campaign at St Luke’s will start on April 8, which is part of World Autism Month, and aims to raise funds for the participating schools to help students with an autism diagnosis. Students will be taking part in autism awareness activities, culminating in a Rainbow Day where students can wear their favourite colours for a gold coin donation and buy cupcakes at recess for $2.

Andrew Kelly

Assistant Principal News Issue 8

Assistant Principal News Issue 8

Twitter @stlukeswoodvale St Luke’s has a Twitter account! The purpose of this account is to publicise the wonderful things our staff and students do and share with a global audience! How can you support us? Follow and retweet our amazing posts!

St Luke’s Connected App
This year St Luke’s has migrated from ‘Skoolbag’ to ‘Connected’. Both apps offer similar features such as absentee forms and school calendar integration. However, the Connected app includes our weekly newsletter, all in one simple to use app.

We encourage you to delete the Skoolbag app, as we will not be using this service.

St Luke’s Website
Over the next coming weeks, St Luke’s school website will be having a ‘digital face lift’ and we look forward to promoting our wonderful school in an updated digital forum. 

Justin Kirry
Assistant Principal Term 1

School News Issue 8

School News Issue 8


Congratulations to the following students and staff who are celebrating their birthdays during this week.

Olivia Casotti KB, Mitchell Uezzell 3B, Zachary Yu 3B, Paige Bartlett 4W, Jack Hewitt 6W, Ava Vlahov 5B, Anna Huynh PPB, Eoghan Hannon PPW, Mia Knight 6B, Jaxon Cifelli 1B, Lachlan Moses 3B, Samuel Roach 3B, Benjamin Hazell 6W, Madison Ivanov 1W.


Last Thursday the students here at St. Luke’s proudly dressed in orange for a gold coin donation to celebrate this important day. All classes completed Harmony Day activities and learnt about the importance of multiculturalism to Australia.
We raised the amount of $209 to add to our Caritas boxes. Thank you for your generosity.



We are currently interviewing new St Luke families whose children will be due to commence the 4 Year Old Kindy Programme in 2021. Please ensure that you have registered any siblings due to start in that year group, we will look at doing these interviews soon.


Parents please be aware that we have had a case reported of Hand Foot and Mouth disease in our lower primary. This is a common, acute, viral infection. Symptoms include fever, vesicles(blisters) in the mouth and on the hands and feet. Please see this link for more information-


Thanks to all the children who rode their bikes to school last Friday, we had 29 riders, 2 on scooters and 5 walkers, well done for your healthy choices!
We are looking forward to see our great swimmers go up against other schools at the NIPSSA Carnival at the Arena this Friday, click here for the program –
After a weekend of upsets the footy is back and we are hosting an Auskick Clinic after school on Thursday April 4th from 3.00 to 4.00 on the oval. Hopefully we see lots of children there.


SUSTAINABILITY NEWS                                                                                                               

It has been great to see some of our crops are ready to be harvested. 5W were very excited when we harvested their lettuces this week. 4B/6B/1B have started picking their cucumbers and we have begun to split up the spring onion plants as well. It has been great to see the reaction of our students to their seedlings. The Kindy classes have been planting seedlings to get ready for the next winter crops.

TANIA FARCICH- Science and Sustainability 


Enthusiasm is running high in our school ensembles as we are really starting to put repertoire together and have fun with it! Performances are just on the horizon, so keep an ear out for dates.
CHOIR AUDITIONS- There will be auditions for the 3 solo parts in our choral piece on Friday at 1.20pm. If you would like to audition, simply come up to the Music Studio.

Choir members can now go to the website and use the password rain to log in to listen to the music.
Soloists-If you would like to audition for a solo part in the Festival come and see me asap as forms need to be sent in through the school by mid-May. Solo auditions, held by Festival Co-ordinators, will be held on June 8, with rehearsals on August 3rd and 20th You will need to available on these dates.
The concert is on Friday August 30th at the RAC Arena. We are performing in the matinee concert.

We are in the process of offering violin tuition. If you are interested in starting on these beautiful instruments, please email the office. More information will be available next week. Our aim is to be able to offer a String Ensemble at St Luke’s.


Keyed Up Music run Guitar lessons  at St Luke’s Primary School
Prices start at $18.10 for a Guitar group lesson
To enrol go to


Private instrumental tuition is available at St Luke’s, with Kim Williams (AMEB Prac & Theory, Suzuki,WWC) a teacher with 20 years experience!! .Please contact Kim if you would like to enrol your child/ren for flute or piano lessons in 2019.-0408946793                                                                                                                                                                                 

Through music, we nurture, inspire & ignite your child’s development in all aspects of education.



 We are still very short of volunteers for this years pie day, if we don’t get the volunteers we unfortunately wont be able to run it, which will be very sad for all of our kids, who love having a special lunch once a week.
Tuesdays and Wednesday lunch time are the times we a desperate to fill.

• On Tuesday mornings after the morning bell to collect orders, count money and order pies (usually fortnightly or monthly) takes approx one hour.
• On Wednesday before the lunchtime bell to distribute pies to classrooms. (fortnightly, monthly or once a term) from 12.30pm till 1.30pm.

Please email letting us know what days/times suit you, and how often you are able to help. Also if you have any specific dates that you can / cannot be available for please note these down and the roster will be organised around these dates. Rosters will be emailed out by the last week of this term.
Vicki, Marianne, Renny and Lilie

P&F SCHOOL FOOTY TIPPING                                                                                                

ATTENTION!! It’s not too late to be part of the fun.
Please fill in the form below and pay the $50 as soon as possible.
Once numbers are finalised the weekly and end of year prizes will be announced.
Congratulations to Brent Doherty and Adam Bulloch for both winning Round 1 with 5 points each and 3 off the margin. 


Children’s Chatter Matters Speech Pathology has begun offering on-site private speech pathology services to families at St Luke’s Catholic Primary School two days a week.

During the month of March, Children’s Chatter Matters is offering a free report with every initial consultation/ assessment exclusively to St Luke’s families. This is a saving of up to $40. Click here for more details –


A Bogan Bingo night is to be held at Mater Dei College on Saturday 6 April at 7pm. Tickets are $25 per head with tables of 8, there are many prizes to be won. So don your best flannelette shirt, ugg boots and unfurl the mullet to join us for a fun evening.
Book tickets here:


Is your child in Year 6? Then now is the time to apply for a 2020 scholarship at Mater Dei College. The Scholarships are designed to nurture the child’s area of talent and are offered in the following areas:
• Year 7 Academic scholarship
• Hawks AFL Academy scholarship
• Music scholarship.
Applications close on 9th April 2019.
To find out more information regarding a scholarship and download an application form, please visit our website:
Or contact our Enrolments Officer on; 9405 4777 or


We are now inviting applications for students seeking entry to Newman College for Year 7 2022. Along with this, the College is holding a ‘Twilight Tour’ for prospective families on Wednesday 3 April 2019. Here is the direct link for people to use if they wish to register for the Twilight Tour


Friday April 5: 5.30 – 11.00pm

Saturday April 6: 2.00 – 11.00pm

Sunday April 7: 2.00 – 8.00pm


Student Achievements Issue 8

Student Achievements Issue 8


      Year                                   Blue                                  White
 One  Lillian Boyer   Mitchelle Vella-Shaylor  Sophie O’Connor   Mason Farano
 Two  Annie Thomas   Olivia Morgan  Nathan Wilkie   Ava Zjacic
 Three  Zachary Yu  Noah Hastie
 Four  Sebastian Melo  Chiara Puca   Max Hazell
 Five  Isaac Nguyen  Nate Campbell
 Six  Nicholas Martino   Naomi Finlay  Grace Main   Jack Hewitt
 Science  Jude England  
 Visual Art  Beatrice Yu   Zara Dippolito  



LEADing Learning Issue 8

LEADing Learning Issue 8


Last week our Year 4 classes were fortunate to be invited to participate in a science and cooking class at Mater Dei. We had so much fun with some Year 10 students and Mater Dei staff conducting experiments and decorating cupcakes.
We thank Mrs Morey, Mrs Lombardo and Mrs Biagioni for the opportunity. We enjoyed it immensely!


Parish News  Issue 8

Parish News Issue 8

Latest Parish Newsletter


Save the date for our Term 2 meeting which will be on the 21st of June. We will provide more details closer to the date.
The 4-6 Youth Group is run by volunteers from the St Luke’s Parish. The purpose of our Youth Group is to provide a safe environment for children to gather, socialise and learn about their faith within our Parish community. We also run a High School Youth Group that meets every fortnight on a Friday from 7-9pm in the Parish Hall. The next High School meeting will be on the 23rd of March.
If you would like any more information about the Youth Group please contact Carmel or Ashley at or keep up to date by following our Facebook page
If you have any queries regarding the Parish News, please contact Trish Main:


We are looking for volunteers to be rostered once every 6-8 weeks to help with            the Altar Service Laundry (Hand towels, Purifiers & Corporals). If you would like to join this dedicated group of volunteers and help the Parish, please contact Veronica Alphonso on 0477 775295 or email

Thank you 







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