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2019 Issue 18
Message from the Principal – Issue 18

Message from the Principal – Issue 18

In Praise of Children
Lord, you have made these children as varied as the flowers of a garden. You have blessed each one uniquely. And each fragile, growing child is infinitely precious in your sight. You have trusted us to nurture them and blessed us with the joy of seeing them grow.
Lord, we teach in reverence.

First Holy Communion
Congratulations to all the Year Four children who received the Sacrament of Holy Communion last Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The Church at both Masses was overflowing, which was simply fantastic! A special thank you and congratulations to Mrs Pollard, Mrs Fieldhouse for leading First Holy Communion and helping prepare the children so well. Thank you to Father Stephen for celebrating both Masses with us and thank you to Francis for preparing the music. Both Masses were simply beautiful!

We wish all the children well as they compete in the Interschool Cross Country this Friday at Mawson Park. I along with Mrs Killalea, Mrs Horne and Mr Noseda are looking forward to supporting the children in their endeavours to run the course and to demonstrate their never give up, having a go attitude. Go St Luke’s!

These students below will be receiving a participation certificate at this Friday’s assembly for their talks that were broadcast on Radio 89.7fm …. “School of Thought”. Congratulations to:
Julian Pugliese, Beatrice Yu, Emily Logan, Leon Petrollino , Ashton Lewis, Paige Bartlett, Juliet McClue, Nadija Stojkovski, Taylah Cadd

Student Test Books Years 3-6
Please note that student test books in Years 3-6 will be sent home this Friday and should be returned by the following Friday, 28 June. I strongly encourage parents to take the time to look through these books, and view the outcomes of the teaching and learning process. Talk with your child/ren, using praise and encouragement, and discuss the purpose of the activities and their standard of work. The shared partnership of teachers and parents, supporting student learning is a powerful tool, in the promotion of student success and development! Semester One reports will be available via SEQTA Engage from Thursday, 27 June.

Semester One Reports
Currently our teaching staff are in the final stages of completing Semester One Reports which will be will be available via SEQTA Engage from Thursday, 27 June. This is a time for us to reflect on the progress made by children over the semester. I urge all parents to read the comments to fully understand your child’s progress.

This year school reports will only include the General Comment from class teachers. Each learning area includes specific learning descriptors, which have then been individually graded according to each child’s achievement. This includes a variety of assessments completed in the classroom over the semester.

If your child is on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for a specific learning area, please disregard the judging standards. Read this comment in conjunction aligned to your child’s IEP.

Times like this could be quite stressful for children and for parents. We all want to see our children achieve the very best they are capable of achieving. Our aim is to ensure that children are motivated to learn and achieve to their potential, then accept what they can do, because the important thing is for them to be happy, carefree and enjoying their learning.

I would like to acknowledge the professional efforts of our staff, who have put in many hours to assess the children’s learning and to ensure that the reporting to you, the parents, is as meaningful as it can be. I thank them for their professionalism, hard work and commitment in producing reports that clearly demonstrate the children’s learning.

I think it is always important to put the written report in context, focusing on the child and noting that:

Teachers and Parents can never
know all that a child knows.

A Report Card is merely a snapshot –
A tiny slice of a child’s learning over
a given period of time.

It is through talking with a child,
looking at what the child creates,
and watching the child in action
that we gain a clearer,
more comprehensive understanding
of a child’s progress.

Semester One Report Meeting Opportunity
Monday, 1 and Tuesday, 2 July from 3.00pm – 4.00pm on both days, teachers and specialist teachers will be available to meet for an interview to discuss your child’s Semester One Report. This is NOT compulsory, merely an opportunity to discuss any aspects of the report if you feel the need to do so. Please email the teacher you wish to meet with directly to arrange a time on either of these days.

Andrew Kelly

Assistant Principal News Issue 18

Assistant Principal News Issue 18

Early Childhood Connect Group

Next term Early Childhood will begin a connect group, whereby current parents will run particular workshops to assist in the education of their child. For example, a dentist may present important information to looking after our teeth, suitable foods for lunchboxes, the importance of regular brushing, the impact of sugar on our teeth just as example.

I am looking at booking a behavioural optometrist next term, to discuss the impact of screens on our children these days and the signs to watch out for if you suspect your child may have difficulties with reading.

A Behavioural or Developmental optometrist looks at many different areas of vision in adults and children.  Vision is more than just sight.  Vision has to coordinate with the rest of the body for balance, movement, reading and writing and is influenced by such things as nutrition, stress levels, medication, health issues and is impacted by the activities that you use your eyes for.

Bishop’s Testing

Students in Years 3, 5 and 7 complete the Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment. This is a curriculum based assessment which reflects and supports the progressive nature of the K-12 Religious Education Units.

It focuses on students’ ability to recall content about the Catholic religion and to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of Religious Education it does not measure students’ faith.

The intended purpose of the assessment is to provide individual schools with a snapshot of student performance in Religious Education. Comparisons between student’s performance are provided on the student and school reports.

Schools and students have the opportunity to compare students with their class peers and with other students across the state.

Below is the schedule for St Luke’s next term. All Year 3 and 5 parents have been sent a letter home this week explaining the Bishop’s testing.

3B July 30
(8.30am – 11am)
1st August
(8.30am – 11am)
8th August
3W July 30
(8.30 – 11am)
1st August
(8.30am – 11am)
8th August
5B JULY 29
(8.30am – 11am)
1st August
(10.30am – 1pm)
7th August
5W July 29
(8.30am – 11am)
1st August
(10.30am – 1pm)
7th August

Humour of the Week

Have a great rest of the week….
Maura Killalea
Assistant Principal




School News Issue 18

School News Issue 18


Congratulations to the following students and staff who are celebrating their birthdays during the week.

William Peake PB, Eve Kallis 3B, Sienna Merton 6B, Mikayla Geneve 6W, Jai Canal 4W, Leo Thomas PW, Layla Nash 2B, Hayden Fowler 1B, Taya Croxall 2B, Mrs Michelle Smith




Last Friday we saw a great exhibition of running from all years of the school despite some gloomy weather.
I was impressed with the children’s efforts throughout the day, there were many PBs on display.
Congratulations to all those who selected themselves for this Friday’s Interschool Carnival at Mawson Park, good luck to everyone. We will be leaving at 8.40 before assembly.

ROB NOSEDA- Physical Education



We recently had our Waste Wise school grant accepted for $4227.30. This will allow us to money to set up and house chickens in the school to reduce our organic waste, to purchase some gardening supplies and to continue our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle in our school. These projects are funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account. Further information can be found at

Tania Farcich- Science and Sustainability 


LifeLink Day provides a wonderful opportunity for students attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Perth, to join together to show their collective support for the many Church social service agencies – agencies which on behalf of us all, reach out to provide practical care and direct assistance to thousands of people in need within the community each year.

To further assist this very worthwhile cause we will be having a ‘Pyjama Day’ TOMORROW, Thursday 20th June. All students are invited to wear their pyjamas for a gold coin donation.
Students may wear pyjamas, slippers, dressing gown and also allowed to bring one small soft toy (not compulsory). 
The work of LifeLink and St. Luke’s is indeed a positive demonstration of: Faith in Action.

Jill Pollard – Lifelink Co-Ordinator


Free July School Holiday Programs with Helping Minds

Do you know a student affected by or supporting a family member or friend with mental health challenges?

HelpingMinds is a not for profit mental health organisation that offers free school holiday programs for young people. Our programs are designed to be fun and interactive for participants, as we equip them with the tools they need to better deal with the challenges of every day life.

We have a variety of programs in the July schools holidays throughout the Perth metro area.

Mindfulness Matters (Ages 8-12)

Wellbeing Wonderland (Girls aged 8-12)

North Beach 
YASS Squad (Ages 13-18)
SSS! Strengths, Self-esteem, Self-care (Ages 8-12)

Mindfulness Matters (Ages 8-12)

Places are limited and bookings are essential.

To register, or for more information, visit our website  or call us on 9427 7100.

Ann Peart – Social Worker


CHOIR- One Big Voice Festival
Students can log in to using the password ‘rain’ to access music and choreography. We are performing in the matinee session on Friday August 30.

We currently offer instrumental tuition on piano, flute, guitar, violin and drumkit. Please contact our tutors below for further information.

Kim Williams (Piano/ flute) Kim is familiar with the AMEB Prac & Theory, Suzuki systems. Kim has 20 years experience.
0408 946 793

Nami Ogishima (violin) Nami is a frequent member on both violin and viola with the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra, Perth Symphony Orchestra, OperaBox Orchestra and the Gilbert and Sullivan Orchestra. She is familiar with the AMEB, ABRSM and Suzuki systems, and ideally tries to tailor lessons using aspects of each to suit an individual student. 0435 284 971

Keyed Up Music (guitar) Prices start at $18.10 for a Guitar group lesson, for more information please contact Therese 1300 366 243
To enrol go to

Christian Lombardi (drumkit) Christian has an Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music and a Bachelor of Performing Arts (WAAPA). He is also teaches with Forte School Of Music Joondalup. 0451 422 769



Optional Winter Jackets and Tights are now available for purchase through the uniform shop. As these items are only available by special order we ask that before making purchases families take care to read all the information on the order forms which can be found at these links-

JODI LYRA  Uniform Shop Manager




Don’t forget to check out our community news which is linked with the Newsletter tab!!!! This will give you information on out of school activities that your children may like to join.


Student Achievements Issue 18

Student Achievements Issue 18

Congratulations to this week’s Merit Award Winners

               YEAR                                        BLUE                                   WHITE

Chloe Deimel

William Peake

Elina Lowthorpe

Indiana Reddie


Hayden Fowler

Aliera Ridley

Maddison Watts

Caitlyn Vella

Alonso Gonzales


Elizabeth Holst

Christian Cattaruzza

Indi Saunders

Marcus Hoang


Heidi Finlay

Jack Spencer

Aoife Dunne

Chloe Hadfield

Luca Orifici

Tate Edmonds
  FIVE Paige Buckingham Mia Brown
Lauren Weeks

Todd Cobern

Grace Simms

Taisen Carlino

Tana Stewart

  SCIENCE Levi Francis  
  VISUAL ART Thomas Harris Toby O’Connor


LEADing Learning Issue 18

LEADing Learning Issue 18


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in 6 Blue. On Monday, 27th May as a part of our History unit, we visited the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle. Through role play and artefacts from the past, the students were able to experience what life may have been like for immigrants to Australia after WWII.
On Wednesday, 29th May Mrs Jessica Stojkovski MLA delivered a fantastic presentation to the class as a part of our Civics and Citizenship unit. The students were given an insight into the workings of the WA Parliament. We thank Mrs Stojkovski for her time.

Parish News  Issue 18

Parish News Issue 18

Latest Parish Newsletter


Save the date for our Term 2 meeting which will be on the 21st of June. We will provide more details closer to the date.
The 4-6 Youth Group is run by volunteers from the St Luke’s Parish. The purpose of our Youth Group is to provide a safe environment for children to gather, socialise and learn about their faith within our Parish community. We also run a High School Youth Group that meets every fortnight on a Friday from 7-9pm in the Parish Hall. The next High School meeting will be on the 23rd of March.
If you would like any more information about the Youth Group please contact Carmel or Ashley at or keep up to date by following our Facebook page
If you have any queries regarding the Parish News, please contact Trish Main:

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