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Issue 36
Message from the Principal – Issue 36

Message from the Principal – Issue 36

This Sunday, 25 November marks the end of the church calendar year with the Feast of Christ the King.
Thank you God for sending Jesus to be our saviour and our friend. Thank you also that he is a King. Help us always to follow him, honour him, and serve him in his Kingdom. Thank you God that we are “kids of the kingdom.” In Jesus Name, Amen

A reminder tonight starting at 6pm in the hall, we will be having our Annual Community Meeting. At this meeting I will announce the staffing for 2019. Reports will be read out and there will be no voting for positions on the Board as all current members will be staying on for 2019. Light refreshments will follow at the conclusion of the meeting.

Tomorrow is our MADe Showcase while also celebrating our grandparents who do so much in our school community to support the children. We are all looking forward to this very special celebration. This will take place from 8.35am in the undercover area with morning tea for our grandparents and parents. I am unfortunately unable to be at this special school event but will hopefully be back at school for morning tea. Thank you to Mrs Hunt for coordinating this showcase and to Mrs Longbottom, Mrs Von Bergheim and Miss Horrocks for showcasing the work completed this year in Music, Dance and Art. Bravo ladies!

Pre-Primary Courtyards Busy Bee!

To create a new usable and engaging space for the 2019 cohort (and future students) to the existing Pre-Primary courtyards on the south side of the building. Currently the courtyards are in a state of disrepair and not particularly engaging for the children.

We hope to engage a small group of parents to help over the course of the 3rd weekend in January (19-20) 2019, to remove unwanted parts of the existing courtyards and install new and reused materials to create a new and invigorated space. Using the “reduce-reuse-recycle” principles we will endeavour to curate a new space that the kids feel comfortable in using. Mr Plant has some existing materials we can use, and all donations we get from families can be dropped off behind the big caged bins in the staff carpark. Mrs. Mottolini will ensure that all donations are kept in a neat state in the designated area. Any materials that cannot be left in the elements will be locked after by Mr. Plant in the maintenance shed (cements, etc). Please see the flyer in today’s newsletter.

There are some current drainage issues in the PPW courtyard that do need attending to, before we fit the scheme. Mr. Goce Blazeski will endeavour to help us out by fitting in some new soak wells, grate, guttering and perspex roof sheeting to help direct water.
Currently, a plan to install cement paths and crushed pea gravel to match the front gardens will help to mitigate dampness and any danger to children. Wood-chips are not viable in the space. The space will be made to fit in with the front garden with meandering paths, movable gardens, bridges, creek beds, as well as steppers throughout.

Please contact Claudia Mottolini, Needlebird Designs on 0405324790 if you can help with donations or time. Let’s do this for our children now and into the future!

From My Readings…
A parent’s attitude to their child’s difficulties will determine how successful they meet and overcome many of the obstacles and hurdles they meet. When children overcome problems and deal with unpleasant situations they learn they are capable, which is the basis of self-esteem and confidence.
Here are five great parenting ideas to help your kids leapfrog their difficulties:
Frame the problem as a challenge: Frame the difficulty as a challenge rather than a problem. Kids take their cues from their parents so the frame of ‘challenge’ gives kids something to rise to rather than be overwhelmed by.
Coach kids to do well: Talk kids through their challenges, give them ideas to cope and manage. Consider rehearsing some skills or language that they may need.
Show confidence they will succeed: Children generally meet their parents’ expectations so make sure your expectations are realistic, positive and supportive of their feelings.
Give kids a chance: Allow kids to approach challenges in their own way without constantly checking on them. You nervousness is definitely catching.
Celebrate their success: Even if they were partially successful, such as they went to school camp for two out of the three days, then praise their efforts. They’ve got a great building block for next time.

The attitude and approach of parents and teachers will determine how successfully children and young people meet and overcome many of the hurdles they encounter. That attitude needs to be courageous, sensitive and hopeful that your child will meet, and overcome with assistance, all the challenges they encounter.

By tradition, the Catholic Church dedicates each month of the year to a certain devotion. In November, it is the Holy Souls. Praying for the dead, especially for those loved ones we have known, is a requirement of Christian charity. At school we will recall those loved ones who have passed away during our prayers throughout November. There will be a Book of Remembrance in the Church, in which you can write the names of those loved ones for whom families would like us to pray.

Andrew Kelly

Assistant Principal News Issue 36

Assistant Principal News Issue 36


Twitter @stlukeswoodvale
St Luke’s has a Twitter account! The purpose of this account is to publicise the wonderful things our staff and students do and share with a global audience! How can you support us? Follow and retweet our amazing posts!

MADe Concert

Just a reminder that we have our annual MADE (Music, Art, Dance, Extravaganza) is tomorrow, Thursday 22nd November at 8.35am until 10.40am. All parents and grandparents are welcome to join us. A morning tea will be provided after the performance.

Jackie Hunt and Justin Kirry
Assistant Principals

School News Issue 36

School News Issue 36


Congratulations to the following students and staff who are celebrating their birthdays during this week.

Lola Davis 1W, Harry Spencer PPB, Charlotte Howe 4W, Simon Richmond 2B, Luke Richmond 2W, Kane Carrigy 4B, Chloe Hadfield 3B, Tyler Gaunt 3W, Ava Blackshaw KB, Ryan Lynch 1B, Lyla Bowers 4W, Miguel Villaroya 4W, Mrs Main

MADe CONCERT         

Inviting all parents and grandparents to the St Luke’s MADe concert.
DATE: Thursday 22nd November.
TIME: 8.10am :Art room will be open
8.45am: Concert will begin

Please join us afterwards for a lovely morning tea organised by our amazing P&F.


We are participating in a cricket carnival at Kingsway and tennis carnival at Kingsley Tennis Club this Friday with students leaving St Luke’s at @ 9.00am and returning at 2.00pm.
All the students have been told about food, drinks etc for the day and we have some generous parents helping at the cricket.
I am hoping some parents can help at the tennis, I need 3 people to supervise a team of 8 children, please let me know if you can help-

Rob Noseda – Phys Ed


Please click the image for more details:


We have been advised by Kapture Photography that all sports and/or special team photos taken this year will be removed from their website at the close of Term 4. This is your last chance to view and purchase these photographs. Please visit and access the gallery using our school code; B827A4. This code can also be used to purchase class or individual photographs should you have not ordered earlier in the year.


Developing resilience in kids starts with the establishment of resilience mindsets. Parents are well-positioned to develop resilience mindsets in their kids but they need to show the way. Here’s how

Ann Peart – School Social Worker


We have had a few ladies/men leave our cleaning groups so we are urgently looking for assistance in 2019 to help clean the church – it only takes approximately 1 hour every two months. If there is anyone (female, male or family) who would like to join our dedicated team, please contact me at or on 9302 1452.

Pat Sydney-Smith – Church Cleaning Co-Ordinator


Next Year Keyed Up Music will be teaching Guitar Lessons after school. Lessons start from $17.55 for a group lesson. If you are interested please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at


Is your child currently in Year 4?
Interviews for prospective students commencing at Mater Dei College for Year 7 2021, begin in February 2019. If you have not submitted your child’s Application form, please contact the Enrolments Officer, Mrs Ang Lourens, on or 9405 4777

Student Achievements Issue 36

Student Achievements Issue 36


Congratulations to Kirra Francis who was presented with an AFL Scholarship for Mater Dei College at our assembly recently, a wonderful achievement Kirra!!!

LEADing Learning Issue 36

LEADing Learning Issue 36


These are some of the things 4 White have been up to lately……
• Refining our Persuasive text techniques to become very convincing.
• Preparing for Christmas fun!
• Looking at the properties of different types of soils….. very interesting… lots of questions to answer.
• We love our garden, our sunflowers are getting ready to bloom.

What a great year we have had!!!

Parish News  Issue 36

Parish News Issue 36

Latest Parish Newsletter


Children’s Liturgy

Each Sunday during school term, at 9:30am mass, children of St Luke’s parish attend Children’s Liturgy.

The liturgy session is run by a group of four mum’s who are rostered on for two Sunday’s each school term.  We are on the hunt for new recruits to join our team and we would love for you to consider joining us.  You will be placed with an existing group who have experience in preparing and delivering the liturgy session.  You will be required to arrange a Working With Children check and I can assist you with this paperwork.

Please contact Carissa Merton (Coordinator) on 0431 935 449 (call or text) if you are interested.

Youth Group

If you would like to attend Youth group please contact –


The choir will continue to meet each Wednesday afternoon, at 2.15pm, after hymn singing, in the music room with Mrs Longbottom.  All Year 3-6 students are welcome to attend. Mrs Longbottom –

If you have any queries about the Parish News, please contact Trish Main:



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