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Issue 37
Message from the Principal – Issue 37

Message from the Principal – Issue 37

Advent marks the commencement of the Church’s liturgical year.
In this time of preparation as we wish each other well and share cards and gifts with family and friends, it is good for us to remember, each day, just what we are preparing for – the greatest act of generosity by God to us is undoubtedly the gift of His son Jesus to the world.
He came to us as one of us, a human, humble and poor.
Yet, the divinity of Christ was made manifest to us in all he did.
Is our humanity ready to respond?
Are we prepared to follow in his path?

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, the commencement of the Church’s liturgical year and a time of preparation and waiting. It is good for us to remember each day, as we wish each other well and share cards and gifts with family and friends, just what we are really preparing our hearts for and waiting for – the greatest act of generosity by God to us, the gift of His son, Jesus, to the world. He came to us as one of us, a human humble and poor. Yet, the divinity of Christ was made manifest to us in all He did. Are we prepared to follow in his path? As we celebrate Christmas this year, let us reflect on the most important reason for celebration, the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

One Change to School Uniform for 2019
In consultation with staff and Mrs Jodi Lyra, sneakers will no longer need to be all black. Students will be able to wear sneakers of any colour except those which are all fluoro. Sneakers will need to be of a supportive style designed for sports activities. ‘Street’ style casual sneakers which do not adequately support the foot during sport making injury more likely and high top sneakers will not be allowed. If you wish to continue having your child wear all black sneakers next year, this will be acceptable too. Except for Kindy and Pre Primary who will now be required to wear the school sport uniform from next year, our school uniform will remain the same (no changes) for all other year levels Years 1-6.

Move-Up Morning Monday will be an opportunity for the children to visit their new classroom, meet with their new teachers and any new classmates for 2019. The morning will involve some school work, or art, social mixing games and informal discussions about expectations for next year.

Here are the Events for the last week of 2018:

Monday, 3 December – Move Up Morning for Kindy-Year 5 children. The children will meet and work with their new teacher for 2019. Children currently in Pre Primary going into Year 1 will have their Move-Up Morning Tuesday, 4 December due to circumstances beyond our control.

Also, Monday we will have a sausage sizzle for the winning House for lunch.

Wednesday, 5 December – At 9.00am we celebrate the 2018 Thanksgiving and Graduation Mass. I hope many families will make the effort to attend this celebration and give thanks for the blessings of this school year, as well as congratulate the Year Six Graduating students When we look back over the year, and as our Year Six students reflect on their years at St Luke’s, we realise that there is so much to be thankful for. Please help to make this a time when our Year Six students remember with pride, that they were part of a caring and supportive faith community who came together to honour and farewell them.

That evening, we have a Christmas Concert starting at 6pm on the grassed area facing the Kindy classrooms. Children need to arrive by 5.45pm. Pre Primary will open the evening with the Nativity. Then each class will sing Christmas Carols. The P&F will be holding a sausage sizzle for a $2 donation. A note will be sent home explaining the evening.

Thursday, 6 December – Year Six to attend Adventure World. Reports will be available via SEQTA Engage.

Friday, 7 December – St Luke’s Fun Day. Pre Primary will be having their own fun day. Last day of the year for students.

School Board and Parent & Friends Annual Community Meeting 2018
I wish to thank my wonderfully talented staff and lovely parents for attending last Wednesday night’s Annual Community Meeting. At this meeting we presented reports from the Board Chairperson, Lucie Rice, Board Treasurer, Natasha Morgan and my Principal Report. There are no changes to the School Board for 2019. The P&F held their meeting with some role changes for 2019. Research shows that when parents are positively involved in all aspects of their children’s lives, children develop into positive, well balanced adults who realise their full potential. Thank you to everyone involved.

Staffing Announcements
Di Frapple, Jason Baker, Jackie Hunt, Joyce Doyle, Andrea D’Onofrio, Meg Notarangelo, Michelle Horrocks, Michelle Bryant, Siobhan Budrovich, Julie Von Bergheim, we wish you well, thank you for your amazing contribution to our school and thank you for endearing us with your care, professionalism, charm and support for the children in your care. You will all be missed but never forgotten.

Di Frapple who has been at St Luke’s for 25 amazing years. Di has resigned, not retired as we will look forward to seeing her do relief work with us next year and being here in her role as a grandmother. We cannot thank Di enough for her commitment, dedication, hard work, fun and love for the children and staff at St Luke’s. We will miss your positive energy, vibe; and your experience as a quality teacher will be very hard to replace.

Jason Baker, currently on LSL this semester and a member of our leadership team. Jason has brought to the school a unique set of skills, wise counsel and a thoughtful approach. Jason, we thank you for your commitment over the four years at St Luke’s, especially leading the ICT charge and implementation. We will miss your vibrant, joyous and energetic approach to life and teaching. We wish you continued success and satisfaction at Brighton Catholic as you per sue a Principalship in the near future.

It is with mixed emotions I announce and congratulate Jackie Hunt on her appointment to Brighton Catholic School too. They are very lucky to have someone of Jackie’s expertise joining the staff. I’m sure you’ll all join with me in congratulating her. So on behalf of the school community, I want to wish you Jackie all the happiness and success as you continue to grow into a wonderful leader. You will be greatly missed by all of us.

Joyce Doyle, will be working in the Telethon Speech and Hearing Outpost at St Luke’s from next year.

Michelle Bryant, is officially leaving us to work as an Art Specialist at Prendiville College after spending this year working at Prendiville. Michelle, we wish you satisfaction and joy working in a High School and we will miss you and thank you very much for the great work you have done especially in Art at our school over many years.

Andrea D’Onofrio, you taught Italian and now Year Four this year. Thank you for your hard work, commitment and the sense of fun you brought with you each day. We wish you well as you will be working as an Italian teacher at Carramar Primary School next year. Thank you for the passion you have shared with us all.

Meg Notarangelo, you taught a very exuberant Year Two gang and your growth as a teacher has been exceptional. Thank you for giving your very best and for teaching the children in your class. We wish you well in your teaching career and finding a job closer to home. I can appreciate that!

Michelle Horrocks, thank you for answering the call to teach Art from Term Two. You gave us great service and you have taught lots of great art to the children. Thank you for sharing your bubbly, cheerful personality with us all. We wish you the very best for your future.

We thank both Siobhan Budrovich and Julie Von Bergheim who both stepped in for Lisa McClue and Bonita Muir this term. You continued the great work already done and gave your best to the children in your care. We wish you both the very best for your futures too.

Please join us this Friday at assembly to say farewell to our staff leaving at the end of this year.

On that note, I wish to announce the following staff who will be joining us in 2019:

Maura Killalea who was appointed as Assistant Principal from Padbury Catholic School. She will be starting in Term Two as she will be on Long Service Leave for Term One. Steven Spencer also from Padbury Catholic School, Louisa Byass from Penrhos College, Meagen Horne from St Elizabeth’s School, Hocking, Justin Miller from Our Lady of Fatima, Palmyra and Justin Kirry from Our Lady’s Assumption, Dianella.

Please see the 2019 Staff below:

Pre-Kindergarten                             Mrs Melissa Knight                                     Mrs Lesley Rocchiccioli

Kindergarten Blue                           Mrs Melissa Knight                                      Mrs Marie Murphy
Mrs Sharon Ritchie
Mrs Lesley Rocchiccioli

Kindergarten White                          Mrs Nina McIntosh                                     Mrs Lilly Rea
Mrs Alison Spencer

Pre Primary Blue                              Mrs Jo Harvey                                           Mrs Carolyn Dalglish
Mrs Sharon Ritchie

Pre Primary White                            Ms Katherine McIntyre                               Mrs Jayne Billi
Mrs Shyrelle Della-Vedova

Year One Blue                                  Mrs Erin Lister                                            Mrs Cathy Ham Year 1
Year One White                                Miss Louisa Byass                                      Mrs Debbie Burke Year 1

Year Two Blue                                  Mrs Meagen Horne                                    Mrs Michelle Smith Year 2
Year Two White                                Miss Zoe Lynch
Mrs Christine Bauer (Fridays)

Year Three Blue                               Mr Justin Miller                                            Mrs Shyrelle Della-Vedova Year 3
Year Three White                             Mrs Kerry Peach

Year Four Blue                                 Mrs Joanne Fieldhouse
Year Four White                               Mrs Jill Pollard

Year Five Blue                                 Mrs Judy Cobern
Year Five White                               Mr Justin Kirry
Mrs Tania D’Angelo (Thursdays)

Year Six Blue                                   Mrs Trish Main
Year Six White                                 Mr Steven Spencer

Reading Recovery                          Mrs Pat Morrell
Learning Support                            Mrs Claire Wansborough Kindy-6
Support EA                                     Mrs Ruth Langham Yrs 4-6
Learning Support                            Mrs Carolyn Creer Yrs 1-3

Library/SHINE                                 Mrs Ann-Maree Simmonds
Physical Education                          Mr Rob Noseda
Science/Sustainability                     Mrs Tania Farcich
Music                                               Mrs Rebecca Longbottom
LOTE Italian                                    Mrs Angela Papiccio
Dance                                              Mrs Bonita Muir
Visual Arts                                       Mrs Ann-Maree Simmonds

Speech & Hearing                          Mrs Katie Oakley
Mrs Josie Sullivan
Mrs Jenni Allen
Mrs Lorraine Delafontaine
Mrs Joyce Doyle
Miss Jessica Edgar
Mrs Nicole Stone

Social Worker                                 Mrs Ann Peart
Administration                                 Ms Leone Simmonds, Mrs Marjorie Dohnt and Mrs Lechelle Menchetti
School Grounds Person                 Mr Ray Plant
Assistant Principal                          Mrs Maura Killalea
Principal                                         Mr Andrew Kelly

Professional Development Dates for 2019:

Teachers Return – 31 January and 1 February
Students return – Monday 4 February
Friday, 15 March – PD Day
Last day of term – Friday 12 April

Students return – Monday, 29 April
Friday, 31 May – PD Day
Friday 5 July – Last day of term

Students return – Monday 22 July
Thursday, 26 September Last day of term for students
Friday, 27 September – PD Day Last day of term for staff

Students return – Monday, 14 October
Friday, 8 November – PD Day
11 November – Catholic Day (No students at school)

Andrew Kelly

Assistant Principal News Issue 37

Assistant Principal News Issue 37

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL NEWS Twitter @stlukeswoodvale St Luke’s has a Twitter account! The purpose of this account is to publicise the wonderful things our staff and students do and share with a global audience! How can you support us? Follow and retweet our amazing posts!

Year 3 Performance Assembly – Friday 30 November At the Year 3 Performance Assembly, we will be farewelling the staff who are leaving St Lukes at end of the year. We also invite the Year 3 parents to stay after the Year 3 Performance Assembly, for a cup of tea or coffee! Hope to see you there!

Reporting – SEQTA Engage As in previous reporting semesters, your children’s reports can be accessed via SEQTA engage website or through an app for both Apple and Android device. Please note that you will need to know your login details as they are not saved to the device. If you do not remember your password, you can reset a reset email password by simply clicking on ‘forgot my password’. Please note that the emailed link is only valid for one hour. Sometimes, the email may be found in your junk/spam folder. If you do not know your username or the associated email address, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Please do not call SEQTA directly, as they will be unable to assist and redirect you back to the school.

Seesaw At the end of the year, the classroom teacher will archive their class. Family members will have 60 days to download a .zip archive of their child’s journal, including images, videos, voice recordings, captions for free. When a class is archived, Seesaw will automatically notify family members with instructions on how to download the .zip archive. After a class has been archived for 60 days, family members will no longer have access to the class. Please click on this link to on the steps for how families can download an archive of their work. Or

Jackie Hunt and Justin Kirry
Assistant Principals

School News Issue 37

School News Issue 37


Congratulations to the following students and staff who are celebrating their birthdays during this week.

Isla Magistro 5W, Gianni Lo Faro 3B, Tyrus Ngyuen PPW, Joshua Joyce 4B, Elina Lowthorpe KW, Cara Dunne KB, Harper Pavlovic PPW, Sarah-Rose Williams 5W, Mrs Hunt, Miss Notarangelo


This year’s end of year Christmas Carols is a whole school function and all students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 are expected to attend. The school and P&F will be cooking a sausage sizzle and be selling them for $2.00 each from 5pm. Students are asked to meet their teacher on the grassed area at 5.45pm, unless advised by their class teacher. The carols will commence at 6pm.
• Students are welcome to wear something ‘Christmassy’ such as Angel, Shepard, Christmas shirt, bells, tinsel etc.
• Parents will need to bring their own rug.
• Playground equipment on the grass area will be out of bounds and sports equipment is not permitted on the night.
• Please ensure that all younger and older children must be seated with parents during the concert.
• We welcome all family members – grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.


On Friday, 7 December, we will be having a Water Fun Day at school. Four inflatables (water slides and obstacle course) have been ordered and will be setup on the oval for the Pre-Primary to Year 6 children to play on throughout the day. Each year level will have a set time to play on the equipment. The company, Active Games and Entertainment, provide qualified staff to monitor the equipment and St Luke’s staff will also be present.

On the day, students will require:
• Bathers under their sports uniform
• towel
• thongs
• sunscreen
• rashie or t-shirt to wear while on the slides
• bag for wet clothes and towel

As the equipment will be outside, all children must wear a rashie or t-shirt and hat while on the slides.


Uniform Shop hours for the remainder of 2018
Thursday 29/11 8-10am & 2:30-3:30pm
Tuesday 4/12 8-10am extra trading day
Thursday 6/12 8-10am & 2:30-3:30pm

Uniform Shop hours for 2019
Thursday 31/1 9-12noon before Term 1 commences
Thursdays during term 8-10am & 2:30-3:30pm

Uniform Shop volunteers for 2019
I am looking for some new volunteers to join our team in the uniform shop in 2019. Please note that lifting, stretching and climbing a ladder is required in the shop so be sure that you are capable of these activities before volunteering.
Volunteers are usually given one shift per term during the shop’s Thursday morning trading hours of 8 – 10am. If you would like more information please call in to the uniform shop, contact me by email at or phone the uniform shop on 9306 6613 on Thursdays.
If you would like to volunteer please follow this link

Jodi Lyra
Uniform Shop Manager


Technology holiday guide for parents


Please click the image for more details:


We have had a few ladies/men leave our cleaning groups so we are urgently looking for assistance in 2019 to help clean the church – it only takes approximately 1 hour every two months. If there is anyone (female, male or family) who would like to join our dedicated team, please contact me at or on 9302 1452.

Pat Sydney-Smith – Church Cleaning Co-Ordinator


Next Year Keyed Up Music will be teaching Guitar Lessons after school. Lessons start from $17.55 for a group lesson. If you are interested please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at


Sacred Heart College has employed Creating Communities and developed a survey seeking views on the community’s use of our College facilities. Recently the City of Joondalup Councillors voted to refuse our application to allow the community to hire our RNDM Theatre and Gymnasium. The survey only takes 10 minutes to complete and there is a $250 prize on offer. We would appreciate the support of our local Catholic school parents whose children may have danced in our theatre or seen shows there.

Your feedback will greatly assist us in better understanding the key issues and opportunities to improve our school and our place in the community.

Any questions can be directed to Mr Peter Bothe, Principal on 9246 8201.

Peter Bothe
(08) 9246 8201


Early in 2019, Mercedes College will commence interviewing Year 5 students who are due to start Year 7 in 2021. If you are considering enrolling your daughter at Mercedes College and have not yet requested an information pack, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 or email as soon as possible. Further information about enrolments is available on our website,


Is your child currently in Year 4?
Interviews for prospective students commencing at Mater Dei College for Year 7 2021, begin in February 2019. If you have not submitted your child’s Application form, please contact the Enrolments Officer, Mrs Ang Lourens, on or 9405 4777


Student Achievements Issue 37

Student Achievements Issue 37

Well done to all the St Luke’s Running Club members for their participation throughout 2018!!

Congratulations to the children who have achieved the following-

50km plus
Ashleigh Firth (76.8km)
Ella Simpson (71.4km)
Todd Dickson-Cobern (50.1km)
Grace Main (50.7km)
Zac Dolimpio (95.7km)
Josie Firth (67.2km)
Molly Nolan (60.3km)
Levi Francis (60.6Km)
Leon Dean (53.4km)

100km plus
Hayden Francis (126.9km)

150km plus
Kirra Francis (153.6km)


LEADing Learning Issue 37  Copy

LEADing Learning Issue 37 Copy


Last Friday the majority of our Year 5 and 6 students chose to compete in one of two regional interschool competitions. Students participated in either tennis at Woodvale Tennis Club or Cricket at Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club in Kingsway. All students really enjoyed themselves in this tough competition.

LEADing Learning Issue 37

LEADing Learning Issue 37


Last Friday the majority of our Year 5 and 6 students chose to compete in one of two regional interschool competitions. Students participated in either tennis at Woodvale Tennis Club or Cricket at Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club in Kingsway. All students really enjoyed themselves in this tough competition.

Parish News  Issue 37

Parish News Issue 37

Latest Parish Newsletter


Children’s Liturgy
Each Sunday during school term, at 9:30am mass, children of St Luke’s parish attend Children’s Liturgy.
The liturgy session is run by a group of four mum’s who are rostered on for two Sunday’s each school term. We are on the hunt for new recruits to join our team and we would love for you to consider joining us. You will be placed with an existing group who have experience in preparing and delivering the liturgy session. You will be required to arrange a Working With Children check and I can assist you with this paperwork.
Please contact Carissa Merton (Coordinator) on 0431 935 449 (call or text) if you are interested.

If you have any queries about the Parish News, please contact Trish Main:



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