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Message from the Principal – Issue 17

Lord Jesus,
Bless the children coming forward to receive Holy Communion
for the first time this Saturday and Sunday.
May it be an initial step into a life-long love of the Eucharist.
Give them a hunger for this sacred food so that they turn to
you for comfort, guidance, and wisdom as they grow into full
Thank you for their innocence and goodness.
May their hands, extended in anticipation of your Body and
Blood, inspire all of us to cherish this sacred sacrament.

First Eucharist is the beginning of a lifetime of full and frequent participation in the Eucharist, where we are continually challenged, encouraged and nourished in the journey of faith that began with Baptism.

This weekend, children in Year 4 will be receiving the Sacrament of Eucharist. These wonderful young people are beginning a wonderful journey with the help of their family, school and the entire parish community.
In saying “Amen” for the first time to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the children will become one with Jesus in a new way, becoming joined more deeply to the Body of Christ, his Church. In faith they are bringing not just to the one moment of First Communion, but also to a new life with Christ.
The whole school and parish community walks with you on this journey in both prayer and practical support; teachers, catechists, parish staff, Ministry co-ordinators and other parishioners. However, your role in this process is crucial.

The following are some simple things you can do as parents to lead your child to the Eucharist:

Model active participation in the Mass every week. Go to Reconciliation with your child.

Say a short prayer out loud for your child during grace at meals, at bedtime, or any time your family is gathered together. Involve younger siblings in this important work.

Reminisce with your child about your own First Communion, and share what you believe about the Eucharist. Include Godparents and Grandparents in discussions about the Sacrament.

Highlight not just the “milestone” aspects of the upcoming celebration of First Holy Communion, but the spiritual as well.

If you do not feel confident in teaching your child about the Sacrament, or in praying with and for them don’t forget to call on older generations amongst family and friends and to draw on their knowledge and faith.

Trinity Sunday & Beginning of Ordinary Time – 16 June, Trinity Sunday, also known as Holy Trinity Sunday, is celebrated a week after Pentecost Sunday in honour of the most fundamental of Christian beliefs—belief in the Holy Trinity.

We can never fully understand the mystery of the Trinity, but we can sum it up in the following formula: God is three Persons in one Nature. The three Persons of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—are all equally God, and they cannot be divided.

The origins of the celebration of Trinity Sunday goes all the way back to the Arian heresy of the fourth century, when Arius denied the divinity of Christ by denying that there are three Persons in God. To stress the doctrine of the Trinity, the Fathers of the Church composed prayers and hymns that were recited on Sundays as part of the Divine Office, the official prayer of the Church.

Eventually, a special version of this office began to be celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost, and the Church in England, at the request of St. Thomas à Becket (1118-1170), was granted permission to celebrate Trinity Sunday. The celebration of Trinity Sunday was made universal by Pope John XXII (1316-34).

For many centuries, the Athanasian Creed was recited at Mass on Trinity Sunday. While seldom read today, the Creed can be read privately or recited with your family to revive this ancient tradition.

We wish all the children well as they compete in our school Cross Country this Friday. I am looking forward to supporting the children in their endeavours to run a lap or laps to gain points for their House and to demonstrate their never give up attitude, having a go and participating. I know many children have been training for this big day as it is a time for children who enjoy running long distance to shine and show our school community their talents. I look forward to seeing as many parents there as possible to support all the children. There is one last chance tomorrow from 3pm to complete some cross country training before Friday.

Andrew Kelly

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