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Message from the Principal – Issue 19

In Praise of Children
Lord, you have made these children as varied as the flowers of a garden.
You have blessed each one uniquely.
And each fragile, growing child is infinitely precious in your sight.
You have trusted us to nurture them and blessed us with the joy of seeing them grow.
Lord, we teach in reverence.

Young children are filled with wonder about the world and are open to discovering the Mystery of God through hands-on play, especially in the natural environment that God provided. Drawing from this gift of imagination can nurture this openness to God. Everything in nature speaks to us of God’s love.
The SUN is God warming us.
The BREEZE is God caressing us.
The GROUND on which you stand is God
holding you in his protecting hands.
The AIR we breathe is God sustaining our life.
The WATER we drink is God quenching our
The FRUIT we eat is God feeding us.
Just spending time in God’s natural creation can do wonders for a weary soul.
Psalm 23:2-3

Jesus’ three questions to Peter about love are followed by His commands: “Feed my lambs, feed my sheep”. Let us never forget that authentic power is service, and that the Pope too, when exercising power, must enter ever more fully into that service which has its radiant culmination on the Cross. He must be inspired by the lowly, concrete and faithful service which marked Saint Joseph and, like him, he must open his arms to protect all of God’s people and embrace with tender affection the whole of humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important, those whom Matthew lists in the final judgment on love: the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and those in prison (cf. Mt 25:31-46). Only those who serve with love are able to protect! (3/19/13)

In your school you take part in various activities that habituate you not to shut yourselves in on yourselves or in your small world, but to be open to others, especially to the poorest and neediest, to work to improve the world in which we live. Be men and women with others and for others, real champions in the service of others. To be magnanimous with interior liberty and a spirit of service, spiritual formation is necessary. Dear children, dear youths, love Jesus Christ ever more!
(6/7/13 Jesuit Schools)

Your child’s Semester One Report will be available on SEQTA Engage tomorrow, Thursday, 27 June from 3:00pm. To access your child’s report you will need to click on the SEQTA Engage link on the school website or this link:                    

To access your child’s report, you will need to know your username and password. If you have forgot your username, please contact the Leone in the office or Mr Justin Kirry and they can remind you. If you have forgotten your password, please click ‘forgot password’. Follow the link in the email to reset your password. The link is only active for one hour!

Please make the time to read through the report carefully and discuss the contents with your child. It is an excellent opportunity to remind them of the importance of education and of using their time in class to really make the most of the learning opportunities and support offered by the teachers.

Semester One Report Meeting Opportunity
Monday, 1 and Tuesday, 2 July from 3:00pm – 4:00pm on both days, teachers and specialist teachers will be available to meet for an interview to discuss your child’s Semester One Report. This is NOT compulsory, merely an opportunity to discuss any aspects of the report if you feel the need to do so. Please email the teacher you wish to meet with directly to arrange a time on either of these days.

Last Friday, our team of cross country runners competed in the annual Cross Country Interschool Carnival. I cannot commend our runners enough for the fabulous manner in which they conducted themselves, both in their events and whilst supporting other runners. St Luke’s students displayed fantastic sportsmanship, encouragement and commitment and I was exceptionally proud to be associated with such a wonderful group of kids and I’m sure all those who attended would agree. Coming Third in ‘Division B’ means our school has been moved up to ‘Division A’ next year. Congratulations to the children who ran for our school, you were all awesome!

We wish our St Luke’s Gymnastics Team the very best as some of our students will be competing tomorrow at the State Gymnastics. The students are scheduled to start at 9am and will conclude at 11.35am. Best wishes at this event!


We are excited about Mater Dei visiting our school with their School Band this Friday from 11:00am. They will be performing in the undercover area. 


We’re excited to be hosting URSTRONG, an internationally recognized Social Emotional Wellbeing program, that empowers children with the skills, language and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier relationships. To learn more about URSTRONG I would encourage you to visits their web site ( where they have a number of free resources for parents.

As part of nurturing the social and emotional wellbeing of our students, the URSTRONG workshop will provide additional tools and strategies for managing friendships, and will support our efforts in creating a safe and caring school. We believe that empowering our families with these skills will create a school community where children are better able to manage their relationships in a safe and respectful environment.

We invite all students from Year 1 to 6 and their parents to come along on the 3rd of September 2019 to join us for a URSTRONG Language of Friendship Parent-Child Workshop. The cost of the first 100 tickets sold is being generously subsidised by St Luke’s Catholic School, however, the event still requires registration. You can register to attend the event at this link:

Please see the URSTRONG Flyer in the Social Worker news section of today’s newsletter and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Peart if you have any questions.

Have you thought about changing the batteries in your house smoke alarms lately? Please checkout the DFES website for more information.

Andrew Kelly


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