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Message from the Principal – Issue 20

Holiday thoughts…
“Direct your life with purposeful choices, not with speed and efficiency.
The best musician is the one who plays with expression and meaning,
not the one who finishes first.
Talk slower. Talk less. Don’t talk.
Communication isn’t measured by words.
Give yourself permission to be casual sometimes. 
Life is for living not scheduling.
Take time to think.
Action is good and necessary, but is fruitful only if we muse, ponder and reflect.
Make time for play, the things you like to do.
Whatever your age, your inner child needs re-creation.
Take time out. Let God love you.”

What a wonderful term this has been!

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the year and about to have our mid-year break! I know that students, teachers and parents are all feeling the tiredness of a busy term and are looking forward to the holidays to refresh and recharge, ready to continue our 2019 learning journey together. It has been a very busy term, with focus on many celebrations. I take this opportunity to thank my amazing, wonderful, dedicated and super talented staff, for their hard work and commitment to St Luke’s School. I wish to also thank our very supportive, caring and passionate parents, for their continual contribution to our school.

I leave you with these thoughts for the holidays. A time when you may need a little more patience and understanding of your children.

Always remember to:
Listen with love
Listen with eyes as well as ears
Listen with understanding and
Listen often and God will ensure your family has a wonderful time together for the holiday and always.

I wish to inform our school community that Mrs Lechelle Menchetti will be taking leave from St Luke’s for health reasons. Lechelle will require a great deal of rest. Please keep Lechelle and her family in your thoughts and prayers. In light of this, I am calling on any parents who would be able to help during the day each Thursday to support book changes for students and the running of the library. If you are able to help, could you please let Mrs Ann-Maree Simmonds know of your availability.

Mrs Rebecca Longbottom will be taking the first two weeks of next term for health reasons and she will need time to rest and recover also. Please keep Rebecca and her family in your prayers also. I have asked Miss Fiona Rea to teach Music in Rebecca’s absence.

This Friday, 5 July, all children will be allowed to wear their footy colours instead of their school uniform as Saturday is the 50th Western Derby. If you support another football team or if you wish to wear sport clothes of a sporting club you belong to, you are most welcome to wear those colours. This will be a free event so NO gold coin is required.

Congratulations to Laurence House for winning this term’s FREE sausage sizzle lunch for having the most House Raffle Tickets! Your lunch will be cooked this Friday, 5 July.

I wish all staff, parents and children a wonderful holiday and pray that the next two weeks will be a beautiful chance for all parents to spend time together with their children. We look forward to welcoming everyone back refreshed and ready for Term 3.

We wish to advise the school dates for the start of Term 3, are as follows:

MONDAY 22 July 2019 School Starts for Teachers and Students
FRIDAY 27 September 2019 Pupil Free Day

The rhythm of the liturgical seasons reflects the rhythm of life — with its celebrations of anniversaries and its seasons of quiet growth and maturing.

Ordinary Time, meaning ordered or numbered time, is celebrated in two segments: from the Monday following the Baptism of Our Lord up to Ash Wednesday; and from Pentecost Monday to the First Sunday of Advent. This makes it the largest season of the Liturgical Year.

One of the Vestments worn by Fr Stephen, usually green, represents the colour of hope and growth. The Church counts the thirty-three or thirty-four Sundays of Ordinary Time, inviting her children to meditate upon the whole mystery of Christ – his life, miracles and teachings – in the light of his Resurrection.

This morning we had our ‘Thanksgiving Mass’ as a whole school to give thanks to students, staff, parents and anyone who has helped us this term. I wish to say a very special thank you to the children who had reading and to everyone for singing beautifully. Mrs Killalea, through her leadership, organised a beautiful Mass, well done.

We’re excited to be hosting URSTRONG, an internationally recognized Social Emotional Wellbeing program, that empowers children with the skills, language and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier relationships. To learn more about URSTRONG I would encourage you to visits their web site ( where they have a number of free resources for parents.

As part of nurturing the social and emotional wellbeing of our students, the URSTRONG workshop will provide additional tools and strategies for managing friendships, and will support our efforts in creating a safe and caring school. We believe that empowering our families with these skills will create a school community where children are better able to manage their relationships in a safe and respectful environment.

We invite all students from Year 1 to 6 and their parents to come along on the 3rd of September 2019 to join us for a URSTRONG Language of Friendship Parent-Child Workshop. The cost of the first 100 tickets sold is being generously subsidised by St Luke’s Catholic School, however, the event still requires registration. You can register to attend the event at this link:

Please see the URSTRONG Flyer in the Social Worker news section of today’s newsletter and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Peart if you have any questions.

Andrew Kelly



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