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Message from the Principal – Issue 3

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10
Create a clean heart in me, God.
Dust off the unmindful activity that constantly collects there. 
De-clutter my heart from harsh judgments and negativity.
Wash away my resistance to working through difficult relationships.
Rinse off my un-loving so the beauty of my generous and kind heart can shine forth.
Remove whatever keeps me from following in Your compassionate footsteps. Amen.

Friday is Evening on the Green
We are really looking forward to Evening on the Green this Friday from 5pm-8pm. The P&F has worked very hard to make this wonderful community gathering an enjoyable event for everyone involved in our school. I look forward to seeing everyone there! Tickets can be purchased through Trybooking. The link is
I am asking all parents to be courteous to the people who live opposite the oval to not park on their verge, lawn or in front of their driveway. Please, let’s show the wider community how respectful, courteous and caring we are of our fellow neighbours. I would appreciate your assistance with this!

Play4Life Family Fun Night: Friday, 8 March 5.45pm-7pm
I wish to invite all families to attend a Family Fun Night where there will be activities run on a circuit ‘station’ basis and incorporate Dance; Earth Games; Recreational Games and Challenge Games; etc. The focus is on maximum participation in an active environment. This is a free event. All activities will be run by the organisers. I will be there and a sausage sizzle will be put on by the school for anyone who wishes to attend from 5.00pm.

Car Parking on the Grass Hill
Please make sure you do not turn left onto the grass hill from Duffy Terrace and then drive into the carpark to park your car. The grass hill is to be used once all the parking bays are filled. This should be the case for the before school drop off. I will be out there watching and observing. Thank you to those who enter the school car park in the correct manner.

Nature Play Work Update
Kindy, Pre Primary and the Adventure Playground will be completed by the beginning of next week. I have been told the Bush Grove will commence next week and be completed before the long weekend. Again, I do apologise for this taking longer than expected. It will be worth the wait.

Students in Year 4 will complete testing to identify who will be selected in the SHINE Program for this year. Students in Years 5 and 6 who were in SHINE last year will continue this year. Mrs Tanya Atherton from Sacred Heart College will be here to do the testing, complete the assessments and provide me with the results.

We wish Father Stephen a wonderful, relaxing holiday as he has gone back home to India to be with his family. Father Stephen will be returning on the 28 March. Father Peter will be looking after the Parish in Father Stephen’s absence.

Strategic Plan Workshop for Parents
I would like to invite parents wishing to read through the strategies and provide input to come along on Tuesday, 26 February at 6.30pm in the hall.

Wisdom from the Classrooms
Each morning once I have completed my morning duty I enjoy visiting classrooms. It is always a delight to see the buzz of excitement emanating from your children as they work with their teacher and classmates. It amazes me the conversations I have and the learning that takes place. I enjoy the children’s input and am delighted at the fabulous opportunities our students enjoy. 

Visitors – Sign -In
Schools have a ‘duty of care’ to students, staff, parents and visitors on the site. To fulfil our ‘duty of care’ to everyone on the school site, all visitors to the school are required to sign in at the front office. This includes parent helpers.

Although this procedure may appear a burden, it will ensure that the school can account for all individuals in the event of an emergency and it will help us increase our ability to protect any student, staff or parent on the site. The sign-in book is situated in the front office.

A reminder to all our families that Friday, 15 March will be a Pupil Free Day where staff will be engaged in professional learning at school.

From My Readings…….

Sleep is no less important than food, drink, or safety in the lives of children. Although this may seem apparent, many of us actually do not allow our children to get the critical sleep they need, to develop and function properly.

It’s certainly not something we do on purpose. As a matter of fact, we often don’t think much of it, and that is the problem. With parents working long hours, schedules packed with school, after-school activities, and other lifestyle factors, naps are missed, bedtimes are pushed back, mornings start earlier and nights may be anything but peaceful. Missing naps or going to bed a little late may not seem like a big deal, but it is. It all adds up.

A lack of sleep can affect temperament, learning, and social behaviour. There are no magical number of hours that all children in a certain age group need.

Here are some approximate numbers based on age, as recommended by the Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic:

• 4 years – 11.5 hours                   • 5 years – 11 hours
• 6 years – 10.5 hours                   • 7 years to 10 years – 10 hours
• 11 years – 9.5 hours                   • 12 years – 9.25 hours

As I sit here ready to prepare the newsletter, I realise what a blessing your children are. I have had the pleasure to meet and share work with many of them at different times over the past three weeks, and I have to tell you, they make my time at St Luke’s super exciting and rewarding. Is there anything better, than our children being happy and doing their best at whatever task is set before them each day?

The great thing about St Luke’s students is that, they just want to be here and they love it. This is again a credit to what you have all developed over many years. Over the past three weeks, many parents have spoken about their enthusiasm and love for this place. Parents want to tell me about their children and the school and how much they value being a part of the action.

Never underestimate just how valuable it is to be positive about our school. We all have a responsibility to keep the Sisters of Mercy spirit shining. This responsibility can take some getting used to, but it also takes a fair amount of effort. This is what leads me into this quote: ‘God is the greatest trainer. When you think you cannot give anymore, he will challenge you and ask you to give him six more. God will challenge you when he knows you have the capacity within you, for God always believes in you.’

Andrew Kelly

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