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St Luke's

Catholic Primary School


Message from the Principal – Issue 18

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Community Members,

In Praise of Children
Lord, you have made these children as varied as the flowers of a garden.
You have blessed each one uniquely.
And each fragile, growing child is infinitely precious in your sight.
You have trusted us to nurture them and blessed us with the joy of seeing them grow.
Lord, we teach in reverence.


First Holy Communion
Congratulations to all the Year Four children who received the Sacrament of Holy Communion last Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Thank you to Leon, who were Faith Friends and attended the Mass to support the First Communicants. The Church at both Masses was overflowing, which was simply fantastic! A special thank you and congratulations to Mrs Pollard for leading First Holy Communion and Miss D’Onofrio for helping prepare the children so well. Thank you to Mrs Farcich, Mrs Bauer, Mrs Pappiccio, Mrs Hunt and Mr Baker for helping too. It was simply beautiful!


Semester One Reports
Currently our teaching staff are in the final stages of completing Semester Reports which will be sent home tomorrow. This is a time for us to reflect on the progress made by children over the semester. I urge all parents to read the comments to fully understand your child’s progress.

Times like this could be quite stressful for children and for parents. We all want to see our children achieve the very best they are capable of achieving. Our aim is to ensure that children are motivated to learn and achieve to their potential, then accept what they can do, because the important thing is for them to be happy, carefree and enjoying their learning.

I would like to acknowledge the professional efforts of our staff, who have put in many hours to assess the children’s learning and to ensure that the reporting to you, the parents, is as meaningful as it can be. I thank them for their professionalism, hard work and commitment in producing reports that clearly demonstrate the children’s learning.

I think it is always important to put the written report in context, focusing on the child and noting that:

Teachers and Parents can never
know all that a child knows.

A Report Card is merely a snapshot –
A tiny slice of a child’s learning over
a given period of time.

It is through talking with a child,
looking at what the child creates,
and watching the child in action
that we gain a clearer,
more comprehensive understanding
of a child’s progress.

Parent/Teacher Interviews
From tomorrow at 3pm, you will be able to book your Parent Interviews online, details are below. Interviews will be available next Tuesday, 26 June between 2.00pm and 6.00pm. To enable the earlier interview times in your child’s classroom, the children will be supervised in the following areas of the school from 1.50pm until home time:

Kindy students will be in the Italian Room
PP, 1 and 2 will be in the library
Year 3 will be in the Learning Hub
Years 4-6 will be in the Dance Hall

If your interview is finished before the end of normal school hours, you are most welcome to collect your child/ren for the day. Otherwise, at the end of the day, KIndy Students will need to be picked up from the Italian room, which is the room on the west side of Kindy Blue and the normal pick up routine will take place for Pre-Primary to Year 6 children.

SOBS – School Online Booking System This will be available from tomorrow for parents to book an interview time to meet with your child’s class teacher. Here is the link:

Workbooks will be sent home this week too, so please take the time to peruse these and celebrate the learning that has taken place.

Winter Sport Lightning Carnival
Congratulations to all our Netball, Soccer and AFL teams for participating in last Thursday’s carnival. From all reports, the children represented themselves, our beautiful school and their families with pride and distinction. Thank you to Mr Noseda, staff and parents for attending and supporting our teams. Bravo!

Interschool Cross Country
To all our children in Years 2-6 who will be participating at the Interschool Cross Country Carnival this Friday, enjoy the day and I know you will represent our school with a great deal of pride. Go St Luke’s!

Playground Before and After School
This is a friendly reminder asking all children to remain off the playground in the school grounds next to the grassed area before and after school please. Thank you for your support with this request.

Before School Drop Off
Also, could I ask if before school, all children and parents gather and wait in the undercover area as the morning is very important for staff to be prepared. Teachers are working very hard to ‘set the scene’ to ensure the day gets off to a smooth start. Could I ask you support us with this request?

Andrew Kelly




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