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St Luke's Catholic Primary School


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St Luke's

Catholic Primary School


Message from the Principal – Issue 30

Living God,
In the season of spring help us to rejoice in the newness of life and to celebrate all life that comes from you. We thank you for blooming flowers and budding trees, for birds singing and beautiful butterflies, and for the world made new. We wonder at the beauty of this season and the hope that it brings.
In everything give thanks. Amen.
1 Thessalonians 5: 18

Welcome to Term Four. The sunshine made a glorious start to our new term – the spring weather and the holiday break seem to have given vitality to us all! Our students, in their summer uniforms, sporting smart new haircuts and looking a little taller, arrived happy and enthusiastic to be back at school, as were staff, after a refreshing break.

Welcome Mrs Budrovich and Mrs Von Bergheim to our staff for this term. Mrs Budrovich will be teaching Year One White and Mrs Von Bergheim will be teaching Dance Tuesday and Thursday.

Year Six Students
This term the School Community is focused on our wonderful Year 6 children as they prepare for their graduation from primary school culminating in a Graduation and Thanksgiving Mass at the end of the term. We ask Jesus to be with our children and families during this time.

St Luke’s Day Celebrations
The social event of the year takes place next Thursday, 18 October starting with a whole school Mass at 9.30am in the Church followed by a gathering in the undercover area. I look forward to meeting Sister Mary O’Connor, the foundation Principal of St Luke’s, listening to her stories and insight into what makes our school the brilliant school it is today. I hope we have met her expectations! I look forward to seeing our school filled with laughter, smiles and remember when conversations. Please make yourself present and come and enjoy the day that has been planned by the talented Mrs Hunt and her fabulous team. We have the market stalls and the colour fun run. More to follow in next week’s newsletter.

Annual Community Meeting
Our School Board and P&F Annual Community Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 21 November at 6.30pm. Please put this date in your diary and try and come to the meeting. I encourage all our new and current families to come along and become directly involved in our community.

I wish you all a great term and urge all parents to keep informed with what happens in our school by reading our weekly newsletter and becoming involved in our school activities.

At St Luke’s we believe that to achieve the very best for our children, the school and the parents must work together.

“Behind the parent stood the school
Behind the school stood the home.”

Only then will our children be the shining light we all strive for.

In our Australian Catholic tradition October is designated as the Month of the Rosary. This
simple prayer dates back centuries and has been a constant in the prayer life of countless
numbers of Christians. The prayer, using the repetition of the Hail Mary and the formula
of the Four Mysteries (Glorious, Joyful, Sorrowful and Light) keeps the person praying the
Rosary focused on Jesus – His life, mission and redemptive power.

Mary, our good Mother, that throughout all time
no-one whoever had sought your help, or come to you for support, has been abandoned.
Confident in this love, I come to you, Mary, in need and in hope.
Graciously hear my prayer and increase my desire to say ‘Yes’.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, prays for us continually, and helps those
we entrust to her care.

Early Childhood Learning
This week we look at 5 year olds. They predominantly are in Pre Primary. The importance of play within their learning is essential. Play is associated with the development of intellectual skills and understandings. In play experiences children integrate emotions, thinking and motivation that establish neural connections critical to effective brain functioning (Lester & Russell, 2008).

When children play they use imagination and initiation which requires complex cognitive or intellectual processes. The development of cognitive skills, including dispositions for learning (such as curiosity and persistence), memory and thinking skills, and language and literacy skills, have strong links to play (Bodrova & Leong, 2005) (Links with Learning Outcomes 3, 4 and 5;

Please visit this outstanding website for learning through play. Great ideas and suggestions for both schools and parents.

Code of Conduct Statement 9

1. You promote and preserve the trust inherent in your relationship with students and with their parents.
2. You take reasonable measures to establish a sense of trust to protect the physical, psychological, emotional, social and cultural well-being of each student.
3. You have a responsibility to maintain appropriate boundaries with students and to actively support other adults to do likewise, including bringing to their attention any failure to do so.
4. You do not engage in any behaviour with a student that could be interpreted by a reasonable person as being a friendship.
5. You recognise that the power imbalance between you and students means that the onus is on you to avoid any ambiguity or misunderstanding by a student or third party about your intent in your behaviour towards them.

Andrew Kelly





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