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Message from the Principal – Issue 38

Lord Jesus,
At this time of year we so often get caught up in the mad frenzy of buying presents, writing cards and catching up with friends and family, that we forget the true meaning of this Advent Season. Help us to stop and reflect on the gift of your birth to all of us. Teach us how to slow down and see the wonder and the glory of this time. Amen

In writing my last newsletter for 2018, I am able to reflect on just what a unique and special place St Luke’s is to be a part of. Sometimes we, as humans, forget to stop and smell the roses. Our school and parish are just the most amazing places, filled with many wonderful and vibrant people. I want to thank each and everyone one of you for supporting me and helping make me settle in this year.

I wish to take this opportunity to remind you all of the words of Catherine McAulay:
“God does not bestow all His choicest blessings on one person. He did not give to St. Peter what He gave to St. Paul nor to either what He gave to St. John.”

Our Graduation and Thanksgiving Mass today, was a wonderful celebration of a very busy year together, as we celebrated the achievements, and gave thanks for the many blessings received by all of us. Our Catholic faith is the heart of our school and so it is fitting, that our final celebration together, is one centred on the Eucharist and our community of faith. As always, our students were reverent participants in the Mass and are a credit to their teachers and parents. Also, many thanks to the many parents, grandparents and friends, who were able to make the time, to enjoy this celebration with us.

Congratulations to Our Graduating Year Six Students. We wish them well, as they continue their journey to secondary education, and we thank them for the gift of their presence and contributions to St Luke’s School during their time here. Thank you also to all the members of the St Luke’s teaching team for their support and contribution to all of our students’ during 2018 – their constant commitment to our students is truly a gift to this community. We especially acknowledge Mrs Main and Mrs Fieldhouse for their wonderful commitment to teaching and preparing the children for their transition to High School.

Tonight will be a wonderful evening with our Christmas Concert! I look forward to seeing many families come together to enjoy the children entertain us with the Nativity presented by Pre Primary and Christmas Carols sung by Year 1-6 classes. Sausage sizzle is from 5pm and from 5.45pm all the children need to be ready for a 6pm start.


Thursday, 6 December – Year Six to attend Adventure World. Reports will be available via SEQTA Engage.

Friday, 7 December – St Luke’s Fun Day. Pre Primary will be having their own fun day. Last day of the year for students.

Meetings with Teachers about Semester Two Reports
Parents who feel the need to meet with their child’s class teacher regarding the Semester Two Report can do so on Tuesday, 11 December from 8.40am until 10.40am. Please make the appointment directly with your child’s class teacher and NOT the Office.

One Change to School Uniform for 2019
In consultation with staff and Mrs Jodi Lyra, sneakers will no longer need to be all black. Students will be able to wear sneakers of any colour except those which are all fluoro. Sneakers will need to be of a supportive style designed for sports activities. ‘Street’ style casual sneakers which do not adequately support the foot during sport making injury more likely and high top sneakers will not be allowed. If you wish to continue having your child wear all black sneakers next year, this will be acceptable too. Except for Kindy and Pre Primary who will now be required to wear the school sport uniform.

Professional Development Dates for 2019:

Teachers Return – 31 January and 1 February
Students return – Monday 4 February
Friday, 15 March – PD Day
Last day of term – Friday 12 April

Students return – Monday, 29 April
Friday, 31 May – PD Day
Friday 5 July – Last day of term

Students return – Monday 22 July
Thursday, 26 September Last day of term for students
Friday, 27 September – PD Day Last day of term for staff

Students return – Monday, 14 October
Friday, 8 November – PD Day
11 November – Catholic Day (No students at school)

I take this opportunity to wish you all God’s blessings for this very Holy Season, and may you remain safe during the holidays and return rested and renewed on Monday, 4 February, 2019.
Peace be with you all. “Open your presents at Christmas time but be thankful year round for the gifts you receive.” – Lorinda Ruth Lowen.


God bless you and May the Force Be With You….Always!

Andrew Kelly

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