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Religious Education Issue 23

Religious Education

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

Today, our students celebrated with a special assembly to recognise MacKillop faction day.
McKillop faction was named after Mary Helen McKillop, an Australian nun who was declared a saint by the Catholic church. Today, the 8th August is her feast day.

Mary MacKillop was born on 15th January 1842 in Melbourne, Victoria. Her parents were born in Scotland and came to live in Australia. She had three sisters and four brothers. Mary cared about the people who had no one to look after them such as boys and girls who just roamed the streets, children in the country who had no school to go to, people who were old and sick and people who had nowhere to live. Mary wanted more than anything to help these people.

Mary helped many people during her lifetime and after she died, the Sisters of St Joseph kept on doing the good work she had started. Mary MacKillop kept her faith in God and bravely challenged those who did not support her vision for a more caring world. Mary is an important Australian who spent her life helping people, especially children. She is Australia’s first Saint.


Bishop’s Religious Literacy Assessments (BRLA) – Year 3 and Year 5

The Bishop’s Religious Literacy Assessment is a Catholic Education WA mandated assessment by the Bishop’s to measure the effective teaching of our Religious Education Curriculum. The assessment is administered online and covers the four main areas of our curriculum, Church, Jesus, Sacraments and the Bible. All children will be given a practice assessment to familiarise them with the types of questions and online environment of the test, with the actual BRLA taking place on the dates below. More information will follow closer to the date.

BRLA – Tuesday 7th August – Year 5

BRLA – Tuesday 14th August – Year 3

Confirmation Dates – Term 3

A reminder to parents of the following dates for Confirmation in Term 3:

Parent Workshops Wednesday 29th August 5pm and 6:30pm (Parish Hall)
Confirmation Retreat Wednesday 12th September (all day)
Sacrament of Confirmation Friday 14th September 6:30pm



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