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School News Issue 1


Congratulations to the following students and staff who are celebrating their birthdays during January and this week.

Isla Tribble 3B, Jacob Amendola KB, Liam Rego 2B, Matthew Cartner 4W, Asha Murphy 5B, Tana Stewart 6W, Christopher Manzone 1B, James Mratovich 1B, Retha Bogosi 6W, Taisen Carlino 6W, Indiana Chircop KB, Emma Baran KW, Harley Saunders 5W, Tara Meeres 6W, Thea Quayle 3K, Joshua Cartner KW, Indi Pavlovic KW, Jonah Bridges 3W, James Spencer 3W, Henley Quayle PPW, Katelyn Danze KB, Jett Herbert 2W, Quinn Johnson KW, Zack Hanney 3W, Christine Mwangi 3K, Cody Back 1B, David McNamee 2B, Orley Green 3W, Max Hazell 4W, Bronte Lewis 5B, Lauren Weeks 5W, Maddison Capolingua KB, Charlie Frapple 2B, Matilda Mackie 5B, Alexia Miranda PPW, Orlando Antonello 6B, Chloe Zacharko 6W, Sierra Bell, Delano Dias 5W, Daniel Bird 4W, May Fisher 4B, Natalia Manzone 5W, Edward Kowalski KB, Keeley Bartlett 6W, Florence Roach 3W, Isla Cotchin PPB, Andrei Rebullar 5B, Liam Jaen-Burgos KB, Andrea Lupica PPB, Jackson Field 4B, Erika Murphy 6W, Mr Stephen Spencer, Mrs Jill Pollard, Mrs Della Vedova, Mr Justin Kirry- Staff.



A reminder that our school office hours are Mon- Fri 8.00am- 3.30pm


Parents please note that we will be using a new Absentee App for 2019, which is run by our website company, Chameleon Logic.

The App is called CONNECTED- your family will receive a note to explain how to connect to this app- a password will be sent to you via a text message (for security reasons).

You can also click on this link for the instructions –


St Luke’s has an afternoon drive through pick up. Please click on the link to refresh your memories and as a notification to our new families of how this system works-

Please be vigilant with parking around the school, and take note of parking signs on verges etc, as the City of Joondalup have strict parking rules and you will be issued with fines if you have not adhered to these.


St Luke’s continues to be a Nut Aware School.

There are students in the school with nut allergies and documented severe reactions. Please assist their safety by excluding nuts and nut products from student lunch boxes at all times.


• WasteWise Grant – At the end of last year we applied for a $2200 grant from the Waste Wise Authority to reduce waste in our school and    we were successful in our application. Courtesy of the grant we were able to purchase 8 garden beds, 7cubic metres of soil, class sets of gardening gloves, 4 composters, compost turners, class sets of trowels and watering cans. This has meant that there has been a lot of gardening happening around the school this week. A special thank you to Mr Michael & Mrs Jill Pollard, Mrs Alison Spencer, Mrs Joanne Fieldhouse and Mr Aaron Main for all their hard work they put in over the holidays to get these ready for our children.This project was funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account. More information can be found at:                                      
• Organic Waste – We are now able to compost the 2,200kg of organic waste we produce each year and use this on our gardens. Starting    from next week, the regular blue bins will be removed from the eating areas and replaced by a green organic waste bin.                                  We collected 66,000 pieces of plastic last year. To reduce what is going into landfill from our bins, the students will now be asked to place any plastic back into their lunchboxes to take home. Here is a great clip on composting for kids:                    
• Recycling – We collected 12kg of batteries in Term 4. The recycling bins (batteries and aluminium cans/ring pulls) have now moved to        outside the Science Room (next to Kindy). Please keep the donations coming.


Uniform Shop hours for 2019

A reminder that our shop hours are Thursdays  8-10am & 2:30-3:30pm

Netball uniform orders

St. Luke’s students who would like to play netball for the school club will need to purchase their uniforms through the uniform shop. The shop will sell both new uniforms and a limited supply of second hand uniforms.

Fittings for netball uniforms will be held at the shop on Thursday 14/2 during morning and afternoon openings and 21/2 during the morning opening time only. Final orders for netball uniforms will be placed with the supplier on the 21/2 and no changes to the order will be possible once it is placed.

Order forms will be available at the office or on the uniform shop’s Facebook page by the end of this week. Dresses will sell for $65.00 each and there will be the option of a boys tank top and short set however the price for this is yet to be confirmed.

Please contact me at the uniform shop on Thursday if you have any questions or need further information

Jodi Lyra
Uniform Shop Manager                                                                                                                                                                                    St. Luke’s CPS
9306 6613 


Welcome back to school for 2019.
Just a reminder that students are to have a library bag for borrowing books from our library at St Luke’s. We have a “No Bag – No Book – No Borrowing” rule. If a child forgets their bag or book or both they can always choose a book but it will be kept aside until the previously borrowed book is returned. Red library bags are available from the uniform shop.
Borrowing days – Thursday 1W, 6B, 6W, PPW, PPB, 3W, 3B
Friday 1B, 5W, 2W, 2B, 4W, 4B, 5B
LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS – We are requiring some assistance in the library on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8.15am – 8.45am and 2.45pm -3.15pm. The position involves scanning books and reshelving of books. If anyone is interested in volunteering please leave your name at the front office. All help will be greatly appreciated.


The St Luke’s Catholic Primary School Board in consultation with the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia has set tuition fees and other charges for 2019.
Charges are reviewed annually and parents informed of any changes that occur. Semester 1 statement will be later this month.


Tuition 1st Child $1887.00
2nd Child (discounted by 20%) 1510.00
3rd Child (discounted by 40%) 1132.00
4th Child (No charge)

Amenities Pre- Primary to Year 3 161.00
Year 4 to Year 6 195.00

Excursion Pre-primary to Year 6 170.00

Sacramental Year 6 Confirmation 20.00
Sacramental Year 4 Eucharist 15.00
Sacramental Year 3 Reconciliation 15.00

Graduation Year 6 35.00
Camp Year 6 330.00

Building Levy per family 377.00

ICT Levy per family 124.00

P & F Levy 1st Child 30.00
P & F Levy 2nd Child 25.00
P & F Levy 3rd Child 10.00
P & F Levy 4th Child (no charge)


Tuition 1st Child 1132.00
2nd Child (discounted 20%) 906.00
3rd Child (discounted 40%) 679.00
4th Child (No charge)
Amenities and Book List 135.00
Building Levy Per family 226.00
P & F Levy (At the third child rate) 10.00


A very warm welcome to all the new families that have joined our St Luke’s school community this year, and a friendly shout out to our existing St Luke’s families.

St Luke’s continues to provide a social work service in our school. My name is Mrs Ann Peart, I have over thirty years experience working as a social worker and more than 13 years working in primary schools. I am also a mother. If your child experiences social or emotional issues that impact on their learning I am here to assist with helping them overcome these challenges. I can also provide support for parents when parenting becomes a bit tricky.

I am available at St Luke’s on Thursday and Fridays. Referrals can be made through your child’s classroom teacher or you can contact me directly via email

I hope 2019 is a fabulous year for your family.

Ann Peart
School Social Worker


Is your child interested in playing netball with St Luke’s for the 2019 season please click on this link- 

We welcome back our existing members and welcome any new players.


Private instrumental tuition is available at St Luke’s, with Kim Williams (AMEB Prac & Theory, Suzuki,WWC) a teacher with 20 years experience!! . Please contact Kim if you would like to enrol your child/ren for flute or piano lessons in 2019.-0408946793

Through music, we nurture, inspire & ignite your child’s development in all aspects of education.



Next Year Keyed Up Music will be teaching Guitar Lessons after school. Lessons start from $17.55 for a group lesson. If you are interested please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at


Year 7, 2020 Academic & General Excellence
Year 10, 2020 General Excellence
2020 Music Scholarships
For further information please go to
Applications close Sunday 24 February 2019



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