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School News Issue 20


Congratulations to the following students and staff who are celebrating their birthdays during the week.

Curtis Jones 4B, Chiara Bird 6W, Jax Foreman PW, Finley Simms 4B, Katie Firth 2W, Mia Uusimaki 1B, Amelie Laws 1W, Taylah Cadd 4W, Ava McEwan 3yrK, Jacob Mills KW, Jayden Jeyarajah PB, Mia Smith 4B, Christian Tomkinson 5W, Olivia Matthews PW, Levi Cadd 6B, Phoebe Hill 4B, Rebecca Millad 5W, Libby Proud 5W, James Robins 4W, Luke Bennett KW, Olivia Reid PB, Elizabeth Holst 2B, Lylian Laws 5B, Sienna James 5W, Harry Whitby 1W, Lachlan McKinnon 2W, Riley Reid 1W, Judd Marshall 1W, Ameley Miller 6W, Harry Thomson PW, Jackson Gaunt 1W, Milana Cattaruzza 3B, Jack Spencer 3B



  • Harvesting – some of the classes had the opportunity to harvest their garden beds this week. We hope that the kale, bok choi and silverbeet that came home were thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Herb Cheese Crackers – many of the classes had the opportunity to cook during their Science lesson this week. Using the parsley that we have growing at school we made crackers. Most of the students rated them as delicious!

Tania Farcich
Science and Sustainability 


A HUGE thank you is being sent out to the parent volunteers who have assisted in the library, on Monday and Tuesdays, with the book exchanging during Term 1 & 2. The staff and students really appreciate your time and the tidiness of the library shows evidence of your care. We are now seeking more volunteers to cover Thursday for Term 3. If you are available please inform the office staff or Mrs S as soon as possible. Wishing you all a restful and safe holiday. Keep well and if looking for a great free outing for the family try visiting the local library. Holiday activities are offered and many books and DVDs can be borrowed. 





Ann Peart
Social Worker


CHOIR- One Big Voice Festival
Students can log in to using the password ‘rain’ to access music and choreography. We are performing in the matinee session on Friday August 30.

We currently offer instrumental tuition on piano, flute, guitar, violin and drumkit. Please contact our tutors below for further information.

Kim Williams (Piano/ flute) Kim is familiar with the AMEB Prac & Theory, Suzuki systems. Kim has 20 years experience.
0408 946 793

Keyed Up Music (guitar) Prices start at $18.10 for a Guitar group lesson, for more information please contact Therese 1300 366 243
To enrol go to

Christian Lombardi (drum kit) Christian has an Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music and a Bachelor of Performing Arts (WAAPA). He is also teaches with Forte School Of Music Joondalup. 0451 422 769

Rebecca Longbottom
Music Teacher 



Don’t forget to check out our community news which is linked with the Newsletter tab!!!! This will give you information on out of school activities that your children may like to join.


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