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St Luke's Catholic Primary School


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St Luke's

Catholic Primary School


School News Issue 30


Congratulations to the following students and staff who celebrating their birthdays during the holidays and during this week.

Marga Padilla 1B, Emily Noel PPB, Sabina Bakx 6B, Emily Logan 5B, Dylan Jones 6B, Archer McClue 1B, Leo Drozdz 1W, Sebastian Melo 3W, Rhys Wheadon 3W, Daniella Tasselli 6W, Adam Hoang 4B, Ava Zjacic 1B, Fionnuala McNamee 2B, Amalie Corvaia 6W, Todd Dickson Cobern 5W, Xavier Collins 6W, Alonso Gonzales PPB, Brayden Peake 1W, Xavier Robinson 4W, Toby Kimber 2B, Amelia Coutts 1W, Mia Cubeddu 6B, Alex Puca 5B, Hayden King 1B, Connor Schewtschenko 3B, Mrs Simmonds, Mrs Fieldhouse, Mrs Langham.




Recycling – Batteries & Aluminium

We now have two new recycling bins at St Luke’s. Outside the office there is a battery recycling bin to deposit any batteries and keep them out of landfill. The second bin is an aluminium recycling bin. In this bin you can deposit cans that are cleaned and crushed or just the ring pulls from cans. All of the aluminium will be donated to ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’. This group of volunteers operate in Wangara and they make and supply wheelchairs to disadvantaged children all over the world. Here’s their website if you want to know more:


On 20 September 2018, the Government announced that it intends to move to a direct income measure in response to the National School Resourcing Board’s review of capacity to contribute arrangements. The Board recommended collecting parent and/or guardian names and addresses to support further analysis and refinement of a direct measure of non-government school communities’ capacity to contribute to the recurrent costs of schooling.
Our school will be asked to provide this data, please click on the link for further information on why this data is being collected

SCHOOL BANKING PROGRAMME – Moving to Thursday Mornings in Term 4

Currently : Wednesday Mornings 8.10am-8.35am – Outside the School Library in the undercover area
Term 4 – Week 1 – Onwards : Thursday Mornings 8.10am-8.35am – Outside the School Library in the undercover area

Due to the Commonwealth tightening security surrounding youthsaver accounts, we now have to process all banking on the school premises, as such we have had 2 fabulous new volunteers come forward to assist with this. Thus to ensure we have enough volunteers to continue this amazing program for our children we are moving banking day to Thursdays. We thank you in advance for your support with this move.

This is a great program encouraging children to develop regular savings habits. There are amazing rewards for regular savers, after 10 deposits have been made (a silver token is collected each time) the children can select reward items. It is easy to get started as you can open a ‘youthsaver’ account online by going to, or by visiting a branch. If you open an account online a yellow Dollarmites deposit wallet and deposit book will be sent to you (within 6-10 days) along with a voucher to collect a Platy Money Box from their local branch. Just ensure you fill in your BSB and Account Number, or bring it with you and we can give you a deposit book (if yours hasn’t arrived in time for banking).

Volunteers are always welcome – please let us know if you can spare 25mins twice a term.

Hayley, Michelle and Amelia
School Banking Co-ordinators


We would love you to join us for our 30th Anniversary on Thursday 18th October !!! Please either call or click on the email address on the invitation below, if you would like to RSVP- Please note that the mass begins at 9.30am not 9.00am as noted!!


St Luke’s Day Mission Markets
Children are allowed to bring up to $8 to spend at the stalls. Preferably in small change.

All items will be 50c

“Attention everyone!”
The Year 6 St Luke’s students have created some fabulous market stalls for everybody to enjoy! Why not swing by and have a try at some of these amazing Market Stalls. Bring a little money and help fundraise for a good cause.
Hope to see you there!

(Kirra, Mel, Julia, Ella, Montana, Gabi)

Yes everyone it is that time of year again where you have the opportunity to buy a colourful bandanna to
support children and their families affected by cancer.
Canteen is an amazing organisation and they use the funds raised to support young people living with cancer.
There are some exciting new designs for you to choose from and the Year Five’s will be selling these in
Undercover Area and Pre-primary Area before school each day in Week 3. Parents can also purchase
bandannas from the School Office.
Bandannas are $5 each and it would be a great help if correct money was bought in. Students can be
creative in how they wear their bandannas to school on Friday 26th.
Thank you again on behalf of Canteen for your ongoing support.
Di Frapple and Cathy Ham

SAMARITAN’S PURSE – Operation Christmas Child – Shoebox Appeal

Our wonderful cohort of Year 6s are coordinating the 2018 Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal. A few years ago this appeal was a huge success with the whole school community and we are hoping with your support it will once again be just as successful.

Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a project of Samaritan’s Purse. It partners with local churches in developing nations to reach out to children by providing gift-filled shoeboxes and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Shoe boxes will be available for purchase every morning before school (as of Wednesday, 29th August) in the under cover area as well as after each Friday’s assembly. Shoe boxes cost $10.50, this includes the cost of the box and postage. Once the boxes are filled, they are to be returned to Year 6. All boxes need to be returned no later than Thursday, 25th October.

Gift suggestions – all items are to be new – something to wear (tshirt, shorts, skirt, cap), soft toys/dolls, plastic dress jewellery, stationary, craft resources, torch, balls, toy cars, skipping ropes, marbles, yo-yo, finger puppets, personal hygiene items (soap, face washer, toothbrush, hairbrush, comb, scrunchies, hairclips etc

Please be aware boxes cannot contain – used or damaged items, items that leak or melt (including toothpaste, shampoo, crayons, playdough), food or lollies of any kind, breakable items, items that can scare or harm (masks, toy guns/knives, military figures), play money, playing cards, dominoes, religious items of any kind

Below are some links to clips/information which will provide you with further details.
Samaritans Purse – Operation Christmas Child Website

How to Pack a Shoe Box Clip (All ages)

30 Second Overview Clip (All ages)

Real Stories (Have your tissues ready)
Julie’s Story (All ages) –
Lejla’s Story – (Year 5 upwards) –
The appeal is an excellent opportunity for students to be actively involved in social justice. We appreciate your assistance and support with this rewarding and worthy cause. If you have any queries, please direct them to the Year 6 teachers.

Trish Main and Jo Fieldhouse


Sacred Heart College has a great event for parents with children ages between 2-12. Dr Kaylene Henderson is presenting a seminar on Tackling Anxiety and Building Resilience in Children ages 2-12.

This is a not-to-be-missed event presented by trusted Child Psychiatrist and parenting specialist, Dr Kaylene Henderson.

In this popular 90 minute seminar, you will learn:
• How to connect with your child to promote emotional resilience
• The different ways in which anxiety 
• Practical strategies to help your child tackle their anxiety
• When to seek professional assistance

Dr Kaylene Henderson is one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, a medical specialist and mother of three young children. In her warm and relatable style, she imparts practical, research based advice that helps parents to feel more confident and capable in their important role. 
Please click on this link for more details -Anxiety_Parent_Seminar_Sacred_Heart_College_Oct_2018


Keyed Up Music teach Guitar Lessons on Wednesday and Thursday after school at St Luke’s. Lessons start from $18.10 for a group lesson of 3, $22.55 for a shared lesson and $33.00 for an individual lesson. If you are interested please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at


Are you searching for ways to enrich your understanding of the Catholic faith and tradition? Would you like to find out more about a particular sacrament which your child may be receiving? Then the Centre for Faith Enrichment is for you! We offer a wide range of face-to-face and online courses and events on topics ranging from spirituality, Church history, theology, scripture, Christian living and much more. No exams or assignments, just a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere. To know more visit our website where you will find our courses and events page and explore our new sacraments website.


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