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St Luke's Catholic Primary School


17 Duffy Terrace
Woodvale WA 6026
9306 6600

St Luke's

Catholic Primary School


School News

Congratulations to the following staff and students who are celebrating their birthdays during this week.

Bryce Proud(PPB), Elodie Metaxas(2B), Xavier Geneve(3B), Riley Proud(5B), Harrison Hall(2W),
Emilia Spiteri(3B), Liam Joyce(3W), LaraToomath(5B), Leo Renshaw(1B), Evie Harmsworth(KW), Lilla Harmsworth(KW), Samuel Gunner(PPB), Tari Hilder(2W), Logan Hopkins(5W), Alexandra Pismiris(6B), Joshua Nguyen(6W).


Optional navy coloured winter jackets and optional navy winter tights are available for sale by special order through the uniform shop. Order forms for these are available on the school website (under ‘Information’ then ‘Uniform’), the Uniform Shop’s Facebook page, the Uniform Shop and the office. Please read the order forms for further information before placing an order.

A reminder to families that the 1st Instalment of Semester 1 school fees was due Friday 23rd March. The 2nd Instalment is due by 25th May 2018. Thank you to the families who have already paid their fees or who have made payment arrangements to do so.
The school is sympathetic towards families with a genuine need who require financial assistance. Parents seeking a concession to fees should make an appointment with the Principal as soon as possible. All concessions need to be negotiated annually and are strictly confidential.


The Year 11 students from the SEDA Academy at Joondalup have been running AFL clinics with the whole school. We thank them for their great work and for the great behaviour of the St Luke’s pupils. There are some talented players here, hopefully, they end up at Carlton, we need it!

Rob Noseda


Thank you to the parents who have offered their assistance to read with children for the last 30 minutes of the day. We will be starting in Term 2. There will be a very short information session in the first week on Tuesday 1st May at 2.30pm. We will discuss some strategies for assisting reading. (I will make sure there is coffee and chocolate on offer). If you would like to assist but haven’t yet put your name down, you are more than welcome to come along and hear what’s involved. Look forward to seeing you at the beginning of Term 2!

Claire Thomson


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