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St Luke's Catholic Primary School


17 Duffy Terrace
Woodvale WA 6026
9306 6600

St Luke's

Catholic Primary School


Student Achievements

Merit Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen by their teachers to receive merit awards, to be presented at this Friday’s Assembly.

1 Ava Zjacic
2 Zachary Yu
3 Gianni Lo Faro
4 Sinead Lydon
5 Isla Gaudoin
6 Milla Dostal
SUPPORT Isla Tribble & Grace Melo
HASS Amelia Pugliese & Audrey Natoli
1 Nathaniel Leeks
2 Jackson Blackshaw Jacob Morrow
3 Juliette McClue
4 Charlotte Howe
5 Ameley Miller
6 Joshua McClue
VISUAL ARTS Amelie Corvaia & Sascha Hutchinson
MUSIC Leon Petrollino, Todd Dickson-Cobern, Levi Cadd



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