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Student Achievements Issue 16

Congratulations to this week’s Merit Award Winners

               YEAR                                        BLUE                                   WHITE
  PRE-PRIMARY   Hudson Rego   Isabel Harris   Bodie Gaudoin   Maeya Green  Ella Briggs
  ONE   Isabella Walsh   Tyrus Nguyen   Talia Taddei   Jake Uezzell   Tamara Suggun
  TWO   Brayden Peake   Lola Davis   Alex Dale   Harrison Richardson
  THREE   Kieran Lydon   Elodie Metaxas   Simon Richmond   Jared Villaroya
  FOUR   Joseph DeCicco   Caoimhe McAfee   Jai Canal   Ella Merton
  FIVE   Zac D’Olimpio   Sophia Santoro   Chloe Hastie   Sinead Lydon
  SIX   Levi Cadd      Robert Spiteri   Sarah-Rose Williams

Congratulations Taisen Carlino !!!

Year 6 student Taisen Carlino competed in the Revolution of Dance Competition over the long weekend. She competed against dancers from many other Dance studios from all over Perth. 

Her results were outstanding. She achieved the following:
11 years jazz solo 1st place
12 years classical solo 1st place
14 years song and dance solo 1st place
12 years Demi character solo 1st place
12 years tap solo 2nd place
12 years contemporary solo 2nd place
12 years lyrical solo 2nd place

She also received Junior Performer of the Competition with 3 highest overall marks.  Incredible results for all your hours of hard work Taisen!!!

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