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St Luke's Netball Club

We welcome all students to join the St Luke’s Netball Club. Registrations will open for the 2022 Winter Season on the 10th of December for all children from Year 2 to Year 6. Even if you have never played before, it is never too late to start and it’s a fantastic way to make new friends and stay active!

Complete your registration online by following the below link or print the form below

-          Player Registration Form link -

-          Player Registration Form  

The St Luke’s Netball Club is a registered club of Western Districts Netball Association and games are played at Kingsway Sporting Complex on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

The 2022 winter season commences on the 29th of April. The last game of the season is August 26t, then finals commence for those teams who have made it into the finals. Team registrations close on the 25th of February 2022.

Training is to be held on the school netball courts on a day and time that suits each team.

The club greatly relies on volunteers and each team requires two parent volunteers to Coach and Manage the team, if you are able to help out please let us know. Or if you have an older sibling who would be willing to volunteer their time to umpire that would be great too.

We understand that children want to play with their friends, however please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee places and we love to see children building new friendships as they become a close-knit team.

Contact - If you have any questions, please contact Nicole at


Code of Conduct

Fee & Refund Policy

Complaints Policy




The actual makeup of the teams cannot be finalised until registration with the Club is completed. As SLNC only fields a small number of netball teams, we have to be flexible as to how the teams are formed.

Teams require a minimum of 8 players, with a maximum of 11.

Every effort will be made to give every registered child a chance to play.

If after all attempts have been made to field a team this is not possible in a particular age group, we shall let you know promptly

Please be aware that WDNA will be reverting from school ages to school grades, therefore from 2022 players will be allocated to a team based on which year group they are in at school.



As a small, school-based club, SLNC does not conduct grading. SLNC aims to provide its NetSetGo teams (for players 7 – 10 years) with the opportunity for players to learn netball skills in a safe and fun environment alongside their classmates.

For players aged 11 and older, the Committee will consider team compositions from previous seasons, and feedback from coaches.



Once team selections have been finalised, parents and caregivers will be notified be email. This will include the full list of team members, the name of the team coach and the name of the team manager.

It is important to remember that no team selection process guarantees 100% satisfaction for all parties involved.

Players and parents should be aware that teams may change from season to season. Due to the nature of change, new player registrations and differing development rates of all players from season to season, movement between teams will most likely always occur.

Players and parents are urged to be objective and reasonable in their expectations, and to encourage their children to be happy in their chosen sport no matter what team they are ultimately placed in.



Each team requires:

·       Coach

·       Team Manager

·       Scorer/ timekeeper

·       Umpire (Note – Umpires are allocated to teams by the Committee)



Duties include:

·       Set expectations for games and training, and guide players to adhere to these.

·       Plan and run training sessions.

·       Teach players the rules of the game and how to interpret them in play.

·       Teach players the skills of the game, and work to build on these and add new skills and players develop.

·       Determine positions on game day. For NetSetGo coaches, this also includes ensuring all players are rotated and have the opportunity to play all seven positions throughout the season.

·       Ensure all players present at games play at least two quarters (unless they are ill or injured).

·       Adhere to the SLNC Coaches’ Code of Conduct and be a positive representative of SLNC.

·       Picking up and signing for team equipment - The bag and contents are the coach’s responsibility for the season (unless otherwise agreed with the Team Manager). Any losses or breakages must be reported to the Equipment Coordinator as soon as possible.



Duties include:

·       Support the coach, including attendance at training sessions and games if possible.

·       Sharing communications and updates to and from the Committee, team coach, parents and caregivers.

·       Handle the administration and management of the team, and player welfare at training and games.

·       Collect and handle the weekly team awards.

·       Draw up a roster for scorer/ timer each week using all the parents of team members and distribute them to everyone involved. Failure to meet commitments will result in the Club incurring fines.

·       Ensure players are in correct uniform at games and have removed all jewellery and piercings.

·       Collection, completion and return of the scorecard.



Each week every team must supply a scorer or timekeeper.

Teams listed first on the fixtures provide a scorer, with the other team to provide a timer.

Once fixtures have been released, the Team Manager will develop and circulate a parent roster to cover these roles. If you have been asked to score or time on a date you cannot do, it is your responsibility to find someone to cover or swap with.

The Team Manager will collect the scorecard from the WDNA match office. A sample scorecard can be provided for you to follow along with.

Stopwatches are provided in team bags – please check with your Team Manager regarding game durations and length of breaks as these vary depending on the age of the players.

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